Cold-Blooded Killer or Psychopath? Who is Bondona Kalita?

Director General of Assam police, GP Singh on Monday expressed serious concern over the growing incidences of crime in the Guwahati city and the state
Cold-Blooded Killer or Psychopath? Who is Bondona Kalita?
Cold-Blooded Killer or Psychopath? Who is Bondona Kalita?
Prasenjit Deb

Not only had the citizens, even the Director General of Assam police, GP Singh on Monday expressed serious concern over the growing incidents of crime in the Guwahati city and the state.

The spine chilling murder incident at Guwahati if compared to Delhi’s Shraddha Walkar case is far more terrifying and heart wrenching.

It’s undoubtedly a pre-planned murder, where a woman named Bondona Kalita and two of her close aides were accused to have killed her husband and mother-in-law, dismember the bodies and stuffing the parts in a refrigerator.  Three days after the murder, the body parts were taken to Meghalaya where they dumped off the parts at separate places.

The interesting part is that the murder plot has been planned since last year or maybe before.

The police investigation is underway, thus, commenting further into it won’t be appropriate.

But, accept it or not, be it Guwahati city or any other part of the state, Assam has started to record some cold cases now a days. It’s not about the number, but, the way the killing was planned out.

The city police though managed to crack the cold case and got some relevant clues into the incident; but, what will haunt maximum of the citizens for next few days is not about the safety but about the psychology behind killing a person that too a close one.

Our relationships with loved ones become so strained that we are unable to hold on to our basic principles of humanity taught by our parents or elders.

Is it easy to kill someone you married or fell in love with after knowing them?

The Guwahati incident is not the only case in the nation, there are numbers of cases like that.

Also, there might be many police cases, where police had managed to crack the cases on time and sometimes, they failed. Few also went unnoticed. But, that cannot be the end.

Blaming the civil force of the state will not solve this mystery. The society as a whole will have to think about their relationships in order to adhere to the principles of love and care.

Another important question that needs to be addressed is how effectively are these crimes committed? Not blaming anyone, but having said that, my concern points to the professionalism of the criminals who commit such crimes.

The psychology of a killer has to be studied further in order to understand how a cold-blooded murder such as this case could manifest in the minds of people who are otherwise normal human beings.

Since the Monday morning hours, we have come across certain facts which are terribly frightening.

Firstly, Bondona Kalita (prime accused) ganged up with her lover and another friend to kill her husband Amarjyoti Dey and mother in law Shankari Dey.

The other accomplices were identified as Arup Deka and Dhanjit Deka.  

Secondly, both the mother-son duo was missing since last August 2022 and interestingly, the crime came to light last Sunday. Earlier, the accused herself lodged a missing case at Noonmati police station.

Thirdly, she met the DIG (CID) to narrate about the incident and blamed the Noonmati police for not proceeding with the case further.

After the DIG (CID) intervened into the case, the city police launched an investigation, following this, the police then interrogated Bondona.

Kalita committed the murder along with her lover and another friend, the accused woman then confessed to the murder before the police.

Based on her confession, police then started a search operation for the body parts of the victims in neighbouring state of Meghalaya.

Hours later, the Meghalaya Police confirmed that the body parts of the murder case were located near Wei Sawdong Falls in the state’s Cherrapunji.

Meanwhile, the DGP Assam has hailed the city police for cracking the cold case.

Cold-Blooded Killer or Psychopath? Who is Bondona Kalita?
Guwahati: Murder Akin Shraddha Walkar Case Has City In Shock

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