304 Assam Villages Are Covid Free: PNRD Minister Ranjit Dass

304 Assam Villages Are Covid Free: PNRD Minister Ranjit Dass

Assam Panchayat & Rural Development Minister Ranjit Kumar Dass on Monday said that there are 304 villages that are completely Covid free in the state and in an attempt to keep a check the spread of the virus, war rooms, and task-forces have been set up in all rural areas.

The minister reflected that the prevailing Covid situation in the rural areas is worsening, however, he also noted that preventive measures are undertaken to tackle the deadly contagion.

With a motto of "Amar gaon, aami jujim, aami jikim" (Our village, We Will Fight and We Will Win), the PNRD minister said all MLAs and MPs have come together to keep villages Covid free in their respective districts.

Further, preparations are underway to make Swahid Kushal Konwar Sarbajanin Bridha Pension Achoni Scheme operational, he said. The pension will be accounted on 10th of every month, he added.

The minister also said that a total of 3,287 youth are yet to be appointed in the PNRD ministry.

It is to be mentioned these appointments are included as part of the one lakh employments the state government of Assam has assured within their first year of governance.

The procedure for the employment process will be completely transparent, the minister asserted.

Mr. Dass also urged financially well-off individuals holding ration cards, to return the cards to the government, as many underprivileged are deprived of ration benefits.

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