Aromica Tea Launches 1st Ever Braille Friendly Tea Packets

Aromica Tea Launches 1st Ever Braille Friendly Tea Packets

Aromica Tea, a leading tea brand in Assam has launched three different types of tea in Braille friendly packets in Guwahati on Monday. The concept has been introduced for the first time in India for the visually impaired people.

Director of Aromica Tea, Ranjit Baruah while speaking to Pratidin Time said, "We have launched Assam Orthodox Tea, Assam Green Tea and value added Masala Tea in specially designed Braille packets. The main objective of introducing the Assam tea in Braille packets is to address the needs of a special category of people of the society and to ensure them equal rights in determining their choice. Earlier, they used to buy tea by smelling or by asking the traders but now they could buy tea of their own choice without any query."

The Aromica Tea Director further stated that the name of the product, MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date, net weight,details of the tea have been printed in Braille. "NGO Care U 365 helped us to proceed with the Braille packaging system. The entire concept took about eight months to materialize and Bhrigu Goswami and Sushil Pourel of Care U 365 helped us to come out with successful result. Both Goswami and Pourel have helped us in printing the braille," Baruah added.

"At first we have launched three products and if we get a good response, we will launch more products in future. It is a small step in the endeavour to provide access to choice to the visually challenged besides promoting the Assam tea," he added.

The prices of the Braille packets are same as the normal packets so that it could be pocket friendly for the visually impaired. "A choice has been given to the visually impaired people if they could wear their clothes of their choice and select their books, why can't they select their tea which they will consume. Keeping that concept in mind, I have thought of launching the Braille tea packaging for their convenience," Baruah said.

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