Assam: Drugs Racket Busted in Several Places

Assam: Drugs Racket Busted in Several Places

Over a few weeks, Assam has reported several cases of Drugs Racket in different areas of the state. But with the continuous efforts and search operations of Assam Police, these illegal underground businesses have come to light, resulting in the seizure of huge quantities of drugs and apprehension of many drug peddlers.

Today, three similar cases of drug peddling have been busted by Assam Police through their immediate search operations.

On a case at Jursimuli of Chaigaon, three containers of drugs have been seized by the police team from a pharmacy today. A man named Rafikul Islam has been apprehended in connection with the drug peddling in this case.

On another reported case, police have seized huge amounts of brown sugar and arrested a drug peddler. The search operation took place at Jamuguri village under Juriya Police Station. The one apprehended in this case is Habibur Rahman.

The third case reported is at Doulatpur of Lakhimpur district where the seizure of 15 containers of drugs including two grams of heroin and two motor vehicles, an i10 car and a motorcycle has come into light under search operations of Assam Police. A total of four drug peddlers have been apprehended in this case. They are Amir Ali, Ainul Hoque, Sulaiman Rahman and Nurruddin Ali.

More than 25 cases of drugs racket have been reported in the recent time in Assam. As we see the continuous search operations by the Assam Police force taking place in full swing and apprehension of multiple drug peddlers in the state, it seems more and more illegal drugs racket will be uncovered in the coming days which will stop this underground trafficking in Assam.

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