Assam Govt Issues New SOP for Educational Institutes

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The Assam government issued new SOPs for schools in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The state government on Friday issued fresh guidelines to prevent the surge of cases of COVID-19 and announced that the schools up to Class V will remain closed till January 30 while the schools in Kamrup Metro will remain closed up to Class VIII.

The new SOP issued by the Assam Education Department are:

  • All Schools (both Govt. and Private) upto Class VIII in Kamrup Metropolitan District and upto Class V in all other Districts of Assam shall remain closed until further orders.
  • The physical classes shall be allowed on alternate days for class IX,X,XI and XII in respect of Kamrup(M) District as detailed below:

(a) Class IX and XI shall be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

(b) Class X and XII shall be held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • In respect of other Districts of Assam (excluding Kamrup (M)) the physical classes shall be allowed on alternate days as detailed below:

(a) Class VI, VIII, X and XII shall be held on every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

(b) Class VII, IX and XI shall be held on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • The physical classes in respect of degree/Post Graduate Students of Colleges/ Universities/Engineering Colleges/ Technical Institutions are allowed to function with fully vaccinated students.
  • The In-Charge Headmaster/Headmistress of the Elementary Schools shall supervise and ensure serving of Mid-Day Meal to the students as per instructions guidelines issued by the Govt. from time to time during class days and off days.
  • In respect of attendance of Students in schools, attendance is not compulsory and will be based purely on parental consent.
  • In addition to formal classes online classes will also continue as per requirement and continuity of education.
  • Meetings in schools/educational institutions (formal and informal) will not be allowed in the Educational Institution premises.
  • There will be no cultural function, meetings etc., until further orders.
  • There should not be more than 30 (thirty) students in a section. The Head of the Institution will assess the required number of sections and open more sections accordingly if required.
  • All Educational Institutions shall continue to provide quality virtual option/ online classes in addition to physical classes.
  • The Schools/Educational Institutions shall have to be sanitized on every weekend (preferably on every Sunday).
  • COVID appropriate behaviour should be followed by every Educational Institution.
  • Compulsory use of Masks/Sanitizers by all shall be ensured.
  • Social distancing in classes shall be ensured. Maintenance of physical distance of minimum 6ft both inside and outside the classroom should be ensured.
  • Temperature check of all students/teachers etc. shall be done every day through thermal screening during entry of the teachers/students/ and non-teaching staff.
  • Every school/college or Educational Institution authority should co-ordinate with the nearest Health Centre (PHC/CHC etc.) in case of fever, cough, difficulty in breathing/ medical emergency
  • Physical distancing of atleast 6 feet has to be strictly followed
  • Students will come to the schools/Colleges provided their parents have no objection and as such written undertaking/confirmation from the parents should be produced in the schools/Colleges
  • Regular health checkup of students and teachers must be ensured

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