Assam: Huge Illegal Human Organs Racket Busted in Morigaon

Assam: Huge Illegal Human Organs Racket Busted in Morigaon

Huge racket of illegal human organ selling has been reported in Morigaon's south Dharamtal.

It has been reported that a broker circle, taking advantage of financial difficulties, took about 30 people of Morigaon to Narayan Hriday which is in the name of Rabindranath Tagore in Kolkata and promised a contract of Rs 5 to 6 lakh in return of illegal trading of human kidney.

However, the broker circle did not pay the promised amount to the people after receiving the human kidneys.

A doctor named Abhijit Sharma, who is also the superintendent of Gauhati Medical College and Hospital is allegedly involved in the whole process.

As per the sources, the broker circle of human organ trafficking firstly took the 30 people to GMCH. They created a fake story where they introduced the organ seller as a family member of the one who is in need of kidney transplantation and got an official letter issued from GMCH.

According to the alleged proof, the official letter also has got the signature of the Superintendent of GMCH, Dr. Abhijit Sharma. In the letter, the young man named Palash Jyoti Kalita has been mentioned as the relative of a woman named Krishnai Das who is in need of kidney transplantation.

After this, the GMCH referred the letter to another hospital where process of kidney donation takes place.

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