Assam: Kampur Inundated As Kopili Flows Over Danger Levels

The opening of the dam gates of the Khandong dam in Dima Hasao’s Umrangso has led to Kampur getting inundated.
Flood waters in Kampur in Assam
Flood waters in Kampur in AssamFILE

The situation of flooding in Assam’s Kampur remains perilous on Sunday with the Kopili River flowing above the danger level.

According to reports, the inclement weather conditions with heavy rains have caused the Kopili River to flow above its danger levels.

Meanwhile, the opening of the dam gates of the Khandong dam in Dima Hasao’s Umrangso has led to Kampur getting inundated.

Moreover, it has come to the fore that several villages have been flooded due to the rise in water levels of the Kopili River.

In addition, transportation has been severely affected due to flooding causing connectivity to these villages getting snapped. The villagers are facing trouble as a result.

It may be noted that the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) opened as many as six gates of the Khandong Dam at Umrangso in Assam’s Dima Hasao on Friday.

According to reports, the decision was taken to open the dam gates after the water levels of the Khargol and Kopili Rivers rose beyond the limits amid incessant rains across Assam and Northeast.

Last year, an accident at the 75 Megawatt project operated by NEEPCO caused all operations to be halted and it remains so till date.

Repair works are still underway at the hydropower project. On the other hand, the water level of Kopili River has risen above danger levels in light of the recent incessant rainfall across the state.

The district administration carried out campaigns to alert the people residing near the river banks to head to safer locations. They were also urged to take precautions by the administration.

Flood waters in Kampur in Assam
Around 38,000 People in 13 Dists of Assam Affected by Floods

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