Assam Police Destroys Seized Drugs in Golaghat & Diphu

Assam Police Destroys Seized Drugs in Golaghat & Diphu

The Assam government with the help of the Assam Police has started a two days drugs destroy operation from Saturday in four districts of the state.

The seized drugs will be destroyed in four districts in these two days. The drugs destroy program has been carried out first in Golaghat today in the presence of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Destroying the drugs in Golaghat, CM Sarma said, "Assam has been used as the smuggling path of drugs. The Assam Police has done a great job against the war on drugs that started from May. A total of 1493 drug peddlers have been arrested till date," the Chief Minister said.

He further stated that drugs worth Rs. 168.38 crores have been seized till date.

He further ordered the police to act strictly against the drug peddlers by maintaining law and order.

"We won't let Assam be 'Udta Assam' due to illicit use and trade of drugs by the Youth," said the Chief Minister in reply to Amguri MLA Prodip Hazarika during the Assembly Session.

 "We have seized almost 28 kgs of heroin, 12823 kgs of ganja, 41 kgs of opium, 78000 bottles of cough syrup, 13.63 lakh tablets, 3 kgs of morphine, 3 kgs of crystalline drugs, 33 kgs of poppy straw, Rs 1.80 crore in cash," said the Chief Minister.

According to Official Data, Assam Police had seized 10 kg of heroin in 2016, 5 kg in 2017, 7 kg in 2018, 23 kg in 2019, and 27 kg in 2020. "This shows the rise in availability of drugs in the state," said the Chief Minister.

The seized drugs have been burnt publicly to send a message of 'zero-tolerance'. Four sites have been selected – Golaghat, Diphu, Nagaon, and Hojai.

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