Assam Police Nabs 17 Bike Thieves, Recovers 38 Stolen Bikes In Last 48 Hours

Assam Police Nabs 17 Bike Thieves, Recovers 38 Stolen Bikes In Last 48 Hours

In a major haul, Assam police recovered 38 stolen bikes in the last 48 hours and arrested as many as 17 criminals in connection to it.

A Tata DI vehicle was also recovered in the operation that was carried out by Dudhnoi and Ranguli police jointly.

Among the 17 arrestees, six of them were identified as Abdul Rahim Ali, Malek Hussain, Abdul Barik, Rajibul Islam, Noor Alam alias Rahul and Somer Ali.

Additionally, a large of number plates and bike repair equipments were also recovered during the operation. A number plate belonging to a commercial vehicle was also recovered.

Police sources said the bike theft racket was operating not only in Goalpara district but infact is spread across different parts the state of Assam.

In a Facebook post, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote, "Law & order is going to be among our top most priorities. And we shall not spare anyone. Our youth are our pride & we care for their prized possession. In a large crackdown in Dudhnoi, 17 criminals arrested and 38 stolen bikes recovered. Kudos Assam Police DGPAssamPolice."

Since the formation of the new government last month, Assam police has been ramping up its fight against various illegal activities in the state including human trafficking, drugs and cattle smuggling etc.

Earlier on Friday, CM Sarma informed that state police have seized illicit drugs worth a whooping Rs 23.8 crore and arrested more than 500 peddler in one month.

"As per government record, in last one month we have seized heroin worth Rs 7,98,68,000, Ganja worth Rs 6,10,49,059, Tablet worth Rs 9,02,60,700, Morphin Rs 50,000, Cough Syrup Rs 38,68,500, Opium Rs 11,07,500 and Poppy straw Rs 18,45,000," he said.

In a bid to tackle cattle smuggling, CM Sarma said a new law will also be passed which will declare the transit of cattle as illegal.

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