Assam To Have Open Space Zoo In Silchar

Assam To Have Open Space Zoo In Silchar
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The state of Assam will soon get its open space zoo at Silchar to protect the wildlife, announced chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday.

The development was announced by the CM after the Cabinet meeting held at Haflong in Dima Hasao district.

The open space zoo will allow the animals to use the zoo environment more as they would use their habitat in the wild. They will no longer be confined in the same four walls for the rest of their lives.

With this new concept, the animals will have the opportunity to travel and go to different places. The zoo will be set up with an expense of Rs 214 crore.

People visiting the zoo will have to take safari rides or other vehicles to watch the animals. Hopefully, these changes will make zoos more dynamic institutions and less like museums.

The area of the proposed site for the zoo will be around 200 hectares. The site will be set up without destroying the flora around the area.

The zoo cum wildlife rehabilitation center will have facilities like a veterinary health centre and food-processing unit.

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