“Assamese People Don’t Need Outside Ideologies,” Gaurav Gogoi

“Assamese People Don’t Need Outside Ideologies,” Gaurav Gogoi

Deputy Leader of the Indian National Congress at the Lok Sabha, Gaurav Gogoi while addressing the media said that Assamese people don't need outside ideologies.

MP Gaurav Gogoi made the statement as a reaction to the statements made by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in Kalakshetra on Wednesday.

Gogoi said that RSS is a politically thought-driven organization. It talks only about division.

"Muslim League and Mohammad Jinnah's ideologies are same. Mohan Bhagwat wants to scare the people of Assam," added Gaurav Gogoi.

Gogoi further said that Mohan Bhagwat has no right to talk about patriotism and Assamese people don't need outside ideologies.

"If Mohan Bhagwat takes the ideologies of our Guru Srimanta Shankardev, we will welcome him with open arms," said Gaurav Gogoi.

The MP also demanded that lessons of Srimanta Shankardev's life and ideologies should be included in the books of NCERT.

Gogoi has also criticized BJP and RSS saying that rather than trying to solve the problem of unemployment in the country, attention has been given to cow-protection bill.

"The Prime Minister and his party ministers should focus on the population control," said Gogoi.

Both Mohan Bhagwat and CM Sarma are giving different statements regarding the NRC, said Gaurav Gogoi.

He further questions why Bengali Hindus, Gorkhas are not included in the NRC and why election is based on the religion of the people.

Gaurav Gogoi further added that there are still not enough vaccines in Assam.  Where the Government said that it will give 3 lakh vaccines per day, it could not keep its promise.

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