Blowout at Baghjan Oil Field: How did it happen

Blowout at Baghjan Oil Field: How did it happen

At around 10.30 AM this morning, the producing well of Baghjan 5 under Baghjan Oilfield of Oil India Limited in Tinsukia district suddenly became very active while workover operations were on.

As a consequence the ongoing operations had tobe immediately suspended and the well started releasing natural gas in anuncontrolled manner. All efforts have been made to mobilize men and equipmentat the site so that the well can be brought under control. Further, the CrisisManagement Team from ONGCL, Nazira has been mobilized to assist OIL's effortsto control the well at the earliest.

The blow out happened while workover operations were going on to produce gas from new sand (oil & gas-bearing reservoir) at a depth of 3729 metres. Earlier the well was producing around 1lakh Standard Cubic Metre per day (SCMD) of gas from a depth of 3870 metres.

All arrangements arebeing made now to bring the well under control as per plan below:

  1. Adequatewater spraying
  2. Taking alladequate safety measures, install BOP (Blow out Preventer)

Efforts have been madeto vacate the local residents residing within the vicinity of the well to safeplaces and arrangements have been made for their fooding and lodging.

Experts from OIL havereached the site and all-out effort are on to control the well.

The workover operations were being carried out by Chartered Hire Rig owned by M/s John Energy under the supervision of OIL.

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