Boidehi Kalita From Assam Honoured With Inspirational Women Award

The international award was presented on the occasion of International Women's Day She was among 22 others from around the world to be recognized for her efforts.
Boidehi Kalita
Boidehi Kalita

Mrs. Boidehi Kalita, originally from Tezpur Assam, a Global Talent and Development Manager at multinational a Chemical Specialty Ingredient company, has been recognized as one of the exceptional women from the private sector on International Women's Day.

The company awarded Boidehi with a global award, acknowledging her dedication towards the employee's well-being and development, and her role in inspiring and motivating her colleagues.

Out of 250 women nominated from across the globe (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, and NA), Boidehi and 22 other women were selected for this prestigious award –The Inspirational Women Award, which acknowledges women who have served as role models, mentors, and catalysts for personal and professional growth of others.

Apart from her role in Talent development, Boidehi Kalita is also the Global Chair for the International Women's Development (Employee Resources Group) and has been instrumental in the development of women across the world in her organization. Her dedication towards the employee's wellbeing and development has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues from across the world, making her a true inspiration and a deserving recipient of this award.

Boidehi Kalita
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