Guwahati: Charred Govt Documents Found At Nabagraha Cremation Ground

Guwahati: Charred Govt Documents Found At Nabagraha Cremation Ground

A burn bag is used to hold classified documents of the government which is later destroyed by fire or via the process of shredding, shockingly, on Friday morning, reportedly large stack of papers were burnt at the Nabagraha Cremation Ground in Guwahati.

According to a source, the pile of papers was brought to the crematory ground by two pickup trucks on Thursday afternoon. They were dismounted adjacent to the crematory ground where dead bodies are brought to be burned on the pyres.

Upon questioning, the transporters did not give any concrete answer as to where it came from, however, they told the source that they work for Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH). They also said it was just the first trip and 12 more trips will be made to bring in more 'junk' papers.

Notably, there was another man along with them who was 'well-dressed'. The source said he did not want to talk or give out any information related to it.

On Friday, heaps of charred documents were found at the exact location. Some of the papers, which were not fully burnt, were of GMCH medical reports, death certificates and oddly, the Sports Authority of India (SAI).

The papers seem to have been burned in the wee hours of Friday as the pile was still emitting smoke till today afternoon.

A committee member of Nabagraha Cremation Ground told Pratidin Time that these papers were mainly assemblage of old identity cards, and verification documents for death certificates, which were kept in their office since a long time and were obsolete. They were hence burnt down, he said.

However, it is quite bizarre to assess why government documents pertaining to sports would be stacked along with medical documents. Could there be other documents of interest from different departments? And, predominantly are crematoriums used for the cremation of dead bodies or to burn classified papers?

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