Former Dima Hasao MLA Writes To Assam CM To Look Over Restoration Works

Haflongbar suggested that the CM to add some suggestions along with the assurances to provide sufficient funds for restoration works.
Former Dima Hasao MLA Writes To Assam CM To Look Over Restoration Works
Former MLA from Dima Hasao in Assam, Samarjit Haflongbar

Former MLA from Assam’s Dima Hasao, Samarjit Haflongbar on Friday penned a letter to Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma urging him to look over the restoration of public and individual damages to properties caused by landslides and floods ushered in by the incessant rains that lashed parts of Northeast.

He wrote, “It is, in fact, appreciable that Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam, Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma had kindly paid a visit to Dima Hasao district in order to take stock of the adversities following the unprecedented natural calamity witnessing a recent constain thunderstorm which caused damage both the public and private properties in large scale; changing scenario of picturesque Hills district of the state.”

Haflongbar suggested that the CM to add some suggestions along with the assurances to provide sufficient funds for restoration works.

“At the same moment, take a privilege to add some suggestions with assurance given by CM Dr Sharma, that in order to provide a sufficient fund under State Disasters Respond Fund to affected areas of the district, the Assam State Disasters Management Authority may immediately write to the Central Disasters Management Authority, submitting reports on all damages caused in the district including loss of human lives in the calamity,” he wrote.

Haflongbar added, “Further, desfruction of forest and illegally mining of coal besides huge extraction of river stones with using of heavy machines excavating the riverbed, all needs to be stopped. For instance, some stone crusher machines which were merely licensed by NCHAC during construction period of BG Conversion and Mahasadak in Harangajao and other areas of the district. Subsequently, those stone crusher machines using heavy machines in Harangajao area, were closed in my CEM ship period. Later, those stone crushers esteblished engaging heavy machineries for excavating Jatinga river bed, by the businessmen coming from outside the district under the blessings of Harangajao local elected representative.”

He went on, “Furthermore, the ariving Central expert team to find damage report on natural calamity may confine its activity into the two mega projects of BG Conversion and Mahasadak major portions of which were affected in the calamity.”

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“Hence, the State Disasters Management Authority may be engaged in the matter and thereafter prepare the proper report on damage of properties both of public and individual in the recent downpour for the greater interest of victims and others,” said the former MLA.

Most importantly, he said, “immediate suggestions may be as follows: Protection of Harangajao Town from Jatinga river, restoration of D-D road i.e. Haflong-Dehangi-Diyungbra-Lanka road, temporary restoration of various irrigation bunds in in the areas like Kalachand, Daothuhaja, Hajadisa, Nobdilangting, Wajao, Kepre, Nablaidisa, Didambra, Durunbra, Digerma, Doirangikro, Digekro and other areas of Dima Hasao district, taking into consideration of the ensuing cultivation of paddy field,. Later, temporary restoration of bunds might be followed by permanent construction of Irrigation bunds i.e. after harvesting of the coming paddy crops.”

“Failing which, uncertainity is prevailing amongst the village farmers in those paddy field areas in view of soon arriving the cultivation period in the next month of June and July of this year,” he added.

The former Dima Hasao MLA also wrote, “Besides, several Irrigation bunds in Mailu area under Langting Constituency, have also been damaged and hundreds of bighas of paddy field affected in increasing Langting river water in the recent downpour. Hence, immediate restoration of those Irrigation bunds is urgently required from your end.”

He further said, “Similarly, several portions of Mahur Laisong road were damaged besides many horticulture gardens in Laisong, Hangrum, Dihanlai, Borail areas are reportedly damaged. Hence, restoration of those are very much essential.”

Haflongbar said, “Moreover, it is also urgently essential that restoration of a completely damaged of G C Langthasa High School with above 300 students, should be carried out in priority basis taking into account of the possibility of hindrences in promoting education of those students in the school.”

“This is for favour of your sympathetic consideration and necessary arrangement from the end your esteemed authority,” he added.

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