Govt Shouldn’t Play With Students’ Future: AASU

Govt Shouldn’t Play With Students’ Future: AASU

Chief Advisor of All Assam Student Union, Dr Sammujjal Bhattacharya said that the government must not play with the future of HS and HSLC students in Assam.

Dr Bhattacharya made the statement while addressing the media in a press meet at Shaheed Nyash on Friday.

The AASU Chief Advisor also made some other important statements while addressing the media in the press meet regarding the evaluation method of HS and HSLC examinations in Assam.

The student body has expressed dissatisfaction regarding the evaluation method introduced by the government for the high school and higher secondary exam candidates for this year.

AASU has demanded the cancellation of the 5th clause in the draft that was issued by the Assam Government regarding the evaluation process of HS and HSLC examination.

The student body also informed that they will be writing letters to the Education Minister and Chief Minister of Assam in concern with the whole issue.

The Government's decisions on the evaluation process have mentally affected the students of Assam.

"If not ranking, there must be star and distinction positions for the students," demanded AASU.

It further added, "Students must be able to get government jobs with these marksheet. Two marksheets will never be accepted."

The student body also demanded that the government must provide facilities to the students to sit for exams and that justice must be served to them. This is the duty of government, SEBA and AHSEC.

The government should formulate the clause 5 again, demanded AASU.

Further, Dr Sammujjal Bhattacharya said that the government must stop playing with the future of students and it is fully responsible for the confusing situation among the students.

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