Kaziranga Forestguard Arrested For Hiding Rhino Horns

Representative Image
Representative Image

Forestguard of Kaziranga has been arrested on Saturday for hiding rhino horns.

As per sources, the police have also seized pieces of rhino horns from the forestguard.

Camp in-charge Sonia Orang has also been arrested in relation with the case.

The arrested forest guard has been identified as Dipen Kumar Nath.

According to sources, the forest workers have handed over 4 rhino horns since the last two years.

Horns of Rhino are known to be of huge value in the black market which is considered illegal as per law.

On the Asian Black Market, Rhino horn price is estimated at around $65,000 USD per kilogram which is 48,43,702.50 Indian Rupee approximately.

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