LGBI Airport: Female Employees Can’t Wear Mekhala Chador, Cannot Wear Sindoor

LGBI Airport: Female Employees Can’t Wear Mekhala Chador, Cannot Wear Sindoor

The Adani group who took over the Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International, LGBI Airport a few days back has now come up with a new rule in the dress code of the female employees.

The Adani group has issued the contract to one company named 'PRANAM' and dress code rule has been issued by the company. The female employees have been asked to wear western dresses like skirts and suits.

According to the new rule, the female employees can't wear Mekhala Chador (the traditional dress of Assam), can't wear bangles, mangalsutras and can't even wear sindoor while on duty at LGBI Airport.

This has been a sheer insult to the Assamese culture and tradition. The notice issued by the company said that the married female employees can't even wear bindis. The Adani group formally took over the LGBI Airport from the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for 50 years from October 7, 2021, midnight amidst widespread protest from various circles. The symbolic key of the airport was handed over to Utpal Barua, chief airport officer of AGIAL, by Ramesh Kumar, LGBI Director.

"Adani Guwahati International Airport Ltd (AGIAL) today took over operations, management and development of #AAI's Guwahati @aaigauairport through PPP model for a lease period of 50 years," the ASAI said in a tweet. "Our entire team of Guwahati Airport shall always remember the efforts put in to maintain the successful, seamless and safe operations throughout under the able guidance of higher management.

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