Mission Basundhara 3.0 Launched In Assam | Key Points Of CM's Speech

The flagship scheme of the Assam government is aimed at securing land pattas for the landless indigenous people of the state.
Mission Basundhara 3.0 Launched In Assam | Key Points Of CM's Speech
Mission Basundhara 3.0 Launched In Assam | Key Points Of CM's Speech

Even after the Assam Movement, the original inhabitants and the indigenous people of the state did not receive land rights, said Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma as he formally launched the state government's Mission Basundhara 3.0 on Friday.

Mission Basundhara 3.0

The flagship scheme of the Assam government is aimed at securing land pattas for the landless indigenous people of the state. At the formal launch of the third phase of Mission Basundhara at Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra in Guwahati, Sarma emphasised how his government made it easy for the indigenous people to secure land pattas through this scheme.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, "We had presented 10 services under Mission Basundhara 1.0. In the first phase, we had received around eight lakh applications. The people were not able to avail the services offered by revenue department. The indigenous people of Assam were asked to produce documents dating back to three generations of their families to prove their eligibility. However, many could not do so and were thus left out. Even after the Assam Movement, many indigenous people were left landless and they could not get guaranteed land rights."

"In the second phase around 13 lakh people applied under the scheme. After thorough checks, we were able to provide land pattas to 2,29,659 people. We did not want a collapse of NRC. We will take steps to ensure that among the landless to receive land pattas, there are no one with lands already against their name. The people should not mix-up the Orunodoi and Mission Basundhara schemes. So far, we have received Rs 70 crores in premium," he added.

Speaking further Himanta Biswa Sarma said, "Due to some strictness we observed in implementing Mission Basundhara 2.0, many Adavasis faced trouble. Mission Basundhara 3.0 will cover all tea garden workers, Adivasis, and the Gorkha community. They will be able to receive land pattas without having to produce certificates of three previous generations. Even scheduled castes and scheduled tribes will be exempted from this."

He further urged the district commissioners to see weather other marginalised communities can be brought under this exemption.

The Assam CM said, "Land pattas will also be given out to institutions and cooperatives already occupying lands. We have decided to repeal the Bhoodan Gramdan Act. The lands which are left after giving out the land pattas will be converted into government lands. In the case of hilly regions and tea gardens, we have to work towards eradicating weak administration. We will ensure land pattas under specific rules to those who really do not have lands. After this if tea garden lands are sold to any organization, then it will attract a jail term of seven years and the land will come under the jurisdiction of the state government."

"It has also come to our notice that there are many people occupying temple lands. The district commissioners will survey to ascertain the land under the temples. As of now, the survey has been completed in 283 villages, while in the remaining villages, it will be done soon. Don Bosco University has also come under our notice for illegally encroaching on government land. We also have a lot of so-called officers. We will have to keep an eye on them," he added.

Urging the revenue department to focus mainly on separation of jointly held lands, the chief minister said, "There have been a lot of issues due to the joint ownership of lands."

Launch of National Generic Document Registration System

Meanwhile, the chief minister also launched the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS), while at Kalakshetra. He said, "We are initiating NGDRS from Darrang. It will be started at every deputy registrar office. With the help of maps, we will be able to ascertain whose land lies where. After that, people will require an NOC to sell their land. Will will initiate Mission Basundhara 3.0 after the Lok Sabha elections. When a piece of land is no longer associated with any individual, it will be claimed as government land."

"The new officials should study the Land Revenue Act thoroughly. We will launch a campaign to collect pending land taxes. Failing to pay the pending land taxes will result in the land being acquired by the government. The land tax in urban areas will be fixed according to the price of the land. It will also differ based on the region. We want to make some amendments to make sure district commissioner's office can grant permission for land sale."

Directing the immediate implementation, CM Sarma said, From now on power of attorney will be free of cost. Only a small amount for registration and stamps will have to be paid."

"From now on, we will establish heritage belt and block. Majuli, Narayanpur, Barpeta and Batadrava will be considered heritage belt and blocks. We have to make Assam safe for the coming generations. Char area lands will be brought under survey. We will also have to remove the system of people exerting wrongful power. For Mission Basundhara 4.0 we will survey Char lands. Eviction will be done in areas around the Brahmaputra River where it can affect the population," he said.

Sarma said, "Bringing revenue villages under belt and block will keep them safe. For this, I urge the district commissioners to carry out a survey. Moreover, they should control the Mandals of these areas. DCs will be able to appoint third-grade Mandals on their own. Within their districts, they will be able to transfer Mandals as well."

"From now on, there will be no Employment Exchange, IWT and DTO offices. All of these works will be taken online soon," he added. 

Mission Basundhara 3.0 Launched In Assam | Key Points Of CM's Speech
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