N95 mask manufacturing company opens in North Guwahati

N95 mask manufacturing company opens in North Guwahati

A new N95 mask manufacturing plant has been set up in North Guwahati. Health Minister Keshab Mahanta, speaking on the opening said, "Assam has become 'atmanirbhar' in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Provisions are in place for N95 masks and other esstential items to be indigenously produced."

The government of Assam has called for traders to produce the raw materials required. The masks will be produced at 'Lohit' industries of Brahmaputra Industrial Park. The health minister also said that the masks will exported to other states as well.

Mr. Mahanta then said that there will be no new SOP for upcoming Durga Puja. He called for the people to exercise caution during puja and avoid externalities. He also asked people to avoid 'melas' during puja.

Speaking on the 'Rajkanya Baruah case', Mr. Mahanta said, "No one can be admitted to a government healthcare center using unfair means.

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