Nahid Afrin Clarifies About State Film Awards Goof-up

Nahid Afrin received the Pratima Pandey Barua Award for Best Background Singer (Woman) at the awards ceremony for the song ‘Neelate Luka Bhaku’ from Nijanor Gaan movie.
Assamese singer Nahid Afrin
Assamese singer Nahid AfrinImage: Screengrab from video posted on Facebook by Nahid Afrin

Assamese playback singer Nahid Afrin has come out to clarify her stance saying that she was unaware of the mix-up after it emerged that she received the award for the Best Background Singer for a song that she did not sing.

Taking to social media, the singer from Assam released a video where she clarified her stance on the controversy that she now finds herself embroiled in. In the video, Nahid Afrin narrated the entire sequence of events leading to the goof-up after which netizens called her out for receiving an honour that did not belong to her.

Nahid Afrin said, “A few days ago, the results for the Assam State Film Awards were declared and after about five minutes, I received a call from a member of the jury board informing me that I had won the award. After the results were announced, a list was also circulated and I received it too. There only my name and the name of the film were mentioned; Best Female Playback Singer Award Nahid Afrin for the film Nijanor Gaan.”

“After that I started receiving congratulatory calls and messages. In fact, the organizing committee of the Assam State Film Awards also called me to inform me of the details of the function. As I had received so many calls from them inviting me to accept the award, I decided to go and receive it. At that time, I had no idea about which song the award was for as I knew that I had sung a song in the movie and I was nominated for that song,” mentioned Nahid Afrin.

The popular singer went on saying, “Suddenly today, the matter came up on social media where several people have mentioned that when Nahid Afrin was receiving the award, did she not see the name of the song for which the award was being handed out. See, first of all, when the anchors announced my name, I was conscious with myself and what they were saying and I missed the name of the song on display. I was not expecting there to be a mix-up regarding the name of the song and hence, I did not notice it. If the anchors had mentioned the name of the song while they were announcing my name, I would have definitely clarified it on stage that it was indeed not my song but, sung by respected Rupjyoti Devi alongside Zubeen Garg.”

Nahid Afrin further said, “I just want to mention that the people have picked up on the mistake and I do not hold anything against anyone, but, I will have to say that I am not responsible in the mix-up in anyway. I would like any further clarification in this regard to come from the jury board and members of the jury who made the selections. And, if it comes out that the award was not meant for me, then I would be happy to return it to the rightful winner as I have already won the same award before and I am satisfied with it.”

“I thing that an award does not describe my talent or knowledge, but my own work does and I will continue to strive with it,” concluded Nahid Afrin.

It may be noted that a major controversy erupted on social media after it came to the fore that Nahid Afrin was conferred the Best Background Singer recognition at the 8th State Film Awards ceremony for a song that she wasn’t actually a part of.

Nahid Afrin received the Pratima Pandey Barua Award for Best Background Singer (Woman) at the awards ceremony for the song ‘Neelate Luka Bhaku’ from Nijanor Gaan movie.

However, the song was not sung by Nahid Afrin but by Rupjyoti Devi and Zubeen Garg.

The development drew widespread criticism in the state’s cultural department as soon as it became viral on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the original singer of the song took to Facebook and shared a picture of Nahid receiving the award from Assembly speaker Biswajit Daimary along with a certificate accompanying the award. She also posted screenshot from Youtube.

“CONGRATULATIONS Nahid Afrin for receiving prestigious 8th Assam State Film Award for this song,” her caption read.

Assamese singer Nahid Afrin
Goof-up at Assam State Film Awards! Nahid Afrin Wrongfully Honored?

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