NE States Violating Status Quo Agreements Since A Long Time: NEIPF

NE States Violating Status Quo Agreements Since A Long Time: NEIPF

The North East Indigenous Peoples Forum (NEIPF) stated that various agreements were reached between the respective state governments to maintain a status quo in the disputed areas, but these agreements were repeatedly violated, resulting in tension and damage to people's property living in the affected areas.

The NEIPF conducted an online meeting to discuss the present situation prevailing in Dholai- on the alleged Mizo-Assam border conflict that resulted in the loss of life of six Assam Police personnel on Wednesday.

NEIPF is the joint body comprising its state chapters in all the seven states of Northeast.

NEIPF expressed shock and grief at the heavy loss of lives in the ongoing border conflict and appealed to the Chief Ministers of Assam and Mizoram to take appropriate steps for restoration of peace in border areas.

The Border conflict between the states of North East has been lingering on for a considerable time, where tension and conflict crop up repeatedly with no solution in sight resulting not only in the immense hardship and suffering for the people living in these disputed border areas but even to the extent of losing precious human lives.

NEIPF has appealed to all sections of people to maintain calm and stress on resolving age-old issues through negotiations at village head level.

Many of the areas of state borders, specially the disputed ones, are occupied by illegal immigrants, posing threat to the indigenous peoples of Northeast.

NEIPF has urged upon all the stakeholders including the indigenous people of the border areas to rise up together at this defining moment and fight for peaceful existence.

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