NIA Files Another Chargesheet Against Akhil Gogoi

NIA Files Another Chargesheet Against Akhil Gogoi

The National Investigation Agency on Tuesday charged another indictment against Akhil Gogoi.

NIA in their new chargesheet against Akhil Gogoi is seeking permission to take signature of new witness in the complaint.

However, the NIA has not mentioned the name and address of the new witness in the chargesheet.

The charge frame hearing of NIA against Akhil Gogoi has already ended. The final hearing was supposed to be done on Wednesday, June 30.

Suspiciously, with the final hearing that was due tomorrow, another chargesheet has been filed by the NIA against the Sivasagar MLA and Raijor Dol leader Akhil Gogoi.

Meanwhile, Akhil Gogoi has been aquitted from the UAPA Chabua charge by the NIA as it could not produce any proof against Akhil Gogoi in the High Court.

The NIA has once again conspired against Akhil Gogoi after he was proved not guilty in the High Court. Meanwhile the charge frame has already ended in the high court againt the Sivasagar MLA.

Once again, the NIA has filed a chargesheet with the name and address of the witness kept anonymous.

With all that is going on between the NIA and Akhil Gogoi, seems like the Government is feared of the popularity of the Raijor Dol leader among the people of the state.

Meanwhile, all the opponents have already surrendered.

With this new anonymous chargesheet filed by the NIA against Akhil Gogoi, the government's conspiracy can be noticed. It wants to keep Akhil Gogoi behind the bars and is using NIA for their personal agenda.

In the meanwhile, the people of Sivasagar are demanding to free Akhil Gogoi for their welfare as he is now the MLA of the town.

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