Oil Leakage From ONGC Damages Agricultural Land, Farms in Sivasagar

Oil Leakage From ONGC Damages Agricultural Land, Farms in Sivasagar
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Oil leakage from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has been reportedly damaging the agricultural lands at Amguri in Sivasagar district of Assam.

This has been expressed by the locals of Amguri who have become victims of the toxic chemicals emitted by oil ditches of ONGC.

The locals said, "The ONGC authority must take immediate steps to control and stop the chemical leakage as it is ruining the tea gardens, agricultural lands and has also killed few fishes of rivers and streams nearby."

"Many people also drink the water from the Namdang river where the leaked oil has already started to spill. This can become a serious threat to their health," they added.

The incident took place at 1400-1 oil creek located in the Soraimuria village of Namti.

The toxic chemicals flowing from the oil creek have destroyed tea fields, sanchi cultivation as well as other agricultural products including farms in the area.

The toxic chemicals of the oil creek have also brought strong thoughts to the fish as it fell into the nearby Namdang river.

The oil company's undue decision has yielded a general outcry.

Locals have accused that negligence from the ONGC and due to lack of planning and foresight of ONGC authorities has led to the destroying of agricultural land with chemicals.

The local victims have requested the company several times to resolve the issue but have accused that they have not received any help or assistance from the ONGC for resolving the matter.

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