Sherman Ali Stokes Controversy Again, Targets Brahmins In Assam

Sherman Ali claimed that most Hindus, who converted to other religions, do so due to the atrocities of Brahmins.
Congress MLA in Assam Sherman Ali
Congress MLA in Assam Sherman Ali

Congress MLA Sherman Ali Ahmed on Wednesday grabbed headlines with his comments against the Brahmin community wherein he said that they are the reason behind religious conversions among Hindus.

The controversial Congress leader Sherman Ali, who is the MLA from Assam’s Baghbar constituency, is known to stay in the news with his comments. This time he claimed that most Hindus, who converted to other religions, do so due to the atrocities of Brahmins.

Sherman Ali said, “Hindu conversions have risen due to the atrocities of ‘Bamuns’. Lower castes in Hindu religion prefer to convert to Islam due to their cruelty.”

“Bamuns used to commit unspeakable crimes against people belonging to lower castes among Hindus. In the past, when the words of the Vedas reached the ears of others, Bamuns would unleash their monstrosity on them,” Sherman Ali further claimed.

Moreover, he also claimed that the forefathers of almost 90 per cent Miya Muslims in Assam were Hindus. Sherman Ali said, “90 per cent of Miya Muslims in Assam had ancestors who were Hindus. Due to the atrocities committed by Bamuns, they chose to convert into Islam.”

Congress MLA in Assam Sherman Ali
Assam: Congress MLA Sherman Ali Detained In Barpeta

Not one to shy away from stoking up controversy, Sherman Ali had in June last year claimed that there were no illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam.

With the National Register of Citizens (NRC) process underway to detect the illegal foreigners residing in the country, Sherman Ali, the Congress MLA of Assam, made the claims.

According to him, the proclaimed figures were only imaginary and were made political worthy, and the number of illegal residents is only limited to a few hundred, not lakhs or thousands.

He questioned if there is, indeed, a huge number of illegal Bangladeshi residents in the state then why they had not been deported back to their country and why the government had not created an extradition agreement with Bangladesh yet.

Congress MLA in Assam Sherman Ali
Recognise 'Miya' Muslims as Integral Part Of Assamese Society: Sherman Ali

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