Indian Army Denies Involvement In Tinsukia Assault Amid Calls For Clarity

Indian Army Denies Involvement in Tipong Assault, Urges Clarity
Indian Army Denies Involvement In Tinsukia Assault Amid Calls For Clarity
Indian Army Denies Involvement In Tinsukia Assault Amid Calls For Clarity

In response to recent allegations of brutal assault on civilians at Tipong under Assam’s Tinsukia district, the Indian Army has vehemently denied any involvement in the reported incident.

In an official press statement, the Army clarified that there is no Indian Army Column deployed in the Tipong region, instead, a Company Operating Base of Assam Rifles is located in the nearby area.

“On 29 Dec 2023 at 11:00 pm, no Operational or any other party from Tipong Company Operating Base was out of the Camp,” it stated.

It has been ascertained that some civilians were assaulted in the general area of Tipong, and the victims have filed a complaint with the Assam Police. The incident is currently under investigation.

Moreover, contrary to the earlier report by Pratidin Time, the Indian Army has also clarified they have not verbally agreed to cover the medical expenses of the victims.

The recent news report detailing the alleged assault incident was primarily based on information provided by the Satra Mukti Sangram Samiti (SMSS) and the victims involved, rather than speculations. The article, published by Pratidin Time, conveyed the SMSS's statements during a press conference where they asserted that the individuals responsible for the assault were members of the Indian Army.

The use of the term "allegedly" in the report highlighted the reliance on the information provided by the SMSS and the victims, acknowledging the contested nature of the claims made during the press conference. The victims, identified as Prasanta Konwar, Arup Changmai, Ananta Saikia, Arun Chetri, Bishal Bhumij, and Savitri Bhumij, had also filed an FIR at the Lekhapani police station, seeking justice for the reported incident.

The SMSS also identified a person named Ricky Pradhan, who they say is responsible for the escalation, although the person's true identity has not been confirmed.

During the press conference, the SMSS not only detailed the alleged assault by individuals in Army uniform but also expressed a call for accountability. The SMSS conveyed their strong urging for the Indian Army, or whoever the personnel in the uniform might be, to take prompt and decisive action against those responsible for the reported incident.

The news report did not intend to cast doubt on the veracity of the information presented by the SMSS and the victims. Instead, it aimed to provide a platform for their account of the incident.

Now, the Indian Army's refutation of the allegations raises significant questions about the identity of the men in uniform involved in the incident. As uncertainties persist, it has now become crucial to discern whether the individuals in question were indeed affiliated with the Indian Army or another armed force.

Clarity on the affiliation of the uniformed personnel is essential to address the concerns raised by both the victims and the Indian Army, ensuring accountability and justice in this contentious matter.

In view of the incident, the Army has expressed concern over what appears to be a collusive attempt by miscreants to tarnish their image.

“The Security Forces are committed to the cause of ensuring peace and harmony in the state of Assam by conducting themselves with thorough professionalism and remain resolute in their commitment to ensure peace and harmony in the state,” The Indian Army further stated.

Indian Army Denies Involvement In Tinsukia Assault Amid Calls For Clarity
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