Why AAP Accuses Congress of Betrayal in Assam Ahead of LS Polls?

AAP Assam Calls for Withdrawal of Candidates to Unite Against BJP.
Why AAP Accuses Congress of Betrayal in Assam Ahead of LS Polls?
Why AAP Accuses Congress of Betrayal in Assam Ahead of LS Polls?

In a significant development ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has levied serious allegations against the Congress party in Assam, accusing it of betrayal and undermining opposition unity in the state.

The AAP expressed deep concern over the recent release of the Congress's list of candidates for 11 Lok Sabha seats in Assam on March 12. Particularly alarming for the AAP was the inclusion of candidates in constituencies already designated by them, namely Guwahati, Sonitpur, and Dibrugarh. This move has dealt a severe blow to the fragile politics of alliance in the region.

Emphasizing the critical nature of the upcoming elections, the AAP underscored the importance of safeguarding democracy and the Constitution amidst what they perceive as threats from the ruling party's alleged autocratic tendencies. In response to these challenges, an India alliance has been formed at the national level, aiming to unseat the BJP-led NDA government.

The AAP highlighted its commitment to this alliance, citing sacrifices made in various states, including Delhi, Goa, and Gujarat, where they willingly ceded seats to the Congress despite holding a stronger position in terms of electoral representation.

In Assam, however, the situation has taken a contentious turn. While the AAP initially took the lead in announcing candidates for three key constituencies a month ago, the Congress's subsequent decision to field candidates in these very constituencies has sparked outrage within the opposition camp.

The AAP accused the Congress of not only betraying their alliance but also deceiving the people of Assam who yearn for a united opposition to challenge the BJP's dominance. Instances of pressure from Congress leaders on AAP candidates further fueled tensions, with allegations that the Congress lacks suitable candidates and is merely playing into the BJP's hands.

In a bold move aimed at preserving opposition unity, the AAP announced its decision to abstain from contesting the Guwahati Lok Sabha seat to prevent the division of opposition votes, thus thwarting the BJP's electoral advantage.

Challenging the Congress to withdraw its candidates from Dibrugarh and Sonitpur, the AAP warned that failure to do so would expose the Congress's purported ties with the ruling party's leadership in the state. The AAP maintained that the true test of the Congress's commitment lies in its willingness to prioritize opposition unity over individual electoral gains.

As the political landscape in Assam continues to evolve, all eyes are now on the Congress's response to the AAP's challenge, with the fate of opposition unity and the battle against the BJP hanging in the balance.

Why AAP Accuses Congress of Betrayal in Assam Ahead of LS Polls?
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