Wild Elephant Kills 1 In Guwahati

Wild Elephant Kills 1 In Guwahati

Once again, an incident of man-elephant conflict has been reported at Basistha area in Guwahati City.

A man had been killed by trampling of elephant near Bhima Sankar Temple in Guwahati.

The man who had been killed is identified at Jama.

Meanwhile, the incident has created huge tremor in the Bhima Sankar Temple neighbourhood.

The city has reported a number of wild elephant incidents in the recent times.

This is due to the monsoon season as well as the wild elephant not having enough food to eat and their much required space and privacy which is why they come down to human habitation in search of food and living space.

The government of Assam should take serious necessary steps to control the man-elephant conflict that is taking lives of people as well as the elephants.

It should be made mandatory that no human habitation shall be allowed at areas which are home to these wild animals without tight protection.

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