Will Get on My Knees and Apologise to RSS: Rupjyoti Kurmi

Will Get on My Knees and Apologise to RSS: Rupjyoti Kurmi

Resigned Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi said that he is ready to get on his knees and apologise to the RSS.

The statement was made by resigned MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi adding that he will go to Keshav Dham and apologise to the RSS for being against them for 4 years.

"It's not wrong to apologize," said Kurmi.

He further added, "Akhil Da's mother is like my own mother, please do not misunderstand me."

The resigned MLA also claimed that he never makes any mistake.

The way Himanta Biswa Sharma has been doing for the welfare of the people, there is no such thing as an opposition," he added.

According to Rupjyoti Kurmi, it's soon going to be "One Party, One Nation".

He said that Congress doesn't listen to their party members.

Earlier on Friday, 4 times Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi tendered his resignation from the party. He has also resigned from his membership in the Assam Legislative Assembly. Kurmi tendered his resignation letter to Assam Assembly Speaker Biswajit Daimary.

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