Zubeen Asked Me to Form New Party, Cheered Me: Lurinjyoti Gogoi

Zubeen Garg made a remark on the political party terming them as a ‘fotua’ party.
Lurinjyoti Gogoi
Lurinjyoti Gogoi

Reacting to the comment made by the popular Assamese Singer Zubeen Garg, Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) President Lurinjyoti Gogoi said on Tuesday that the singer himself asked him to form a new political party when Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests were raging across the state.

Gogoi told Pratidin Time, “It is mysterious why he made such an inappropriate comment on our party as he was the one who asked us to form a new political party during CAA protests in Chandmari field. After we launched the AJP party, he called at around 3 a.m. motivating me that I have the capabilities of leadership. He might have forgotten that he asked for the new political party or that he called me to congratulate, but I haven’t.”

“It has not been long since the party was formed. We have tried to keep working honestly, and diligently. The people will say about what and how the party is working,” he added.

It may be mentioned that Zubeen Garg made a remark on the political party, formed after the CAA andolan, terming them as a ‘fotua’ party.

Claiming to be a social leftist, the singer said, “I am a social leftist. I am not a supporter of BJP, Congress, AGP and the new fotua party AJP. I work for the people, not political parties.”

After making the comment, he told reporters, “AJP is a fotua party. After participating with me in the CAA andolan, they formed a political party.”

Lurinjyoti Gogoi
Zubeen Garg Draws Flak After Terming AJP as ‘Fotua’ Party

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