Try Out Mouthwatering Local Cuisines at Guwahati Local Dhabas

People crave for good restaurants or dhabas and many new dhabas have been launched in Guwahati as well as in the outskirts
Try Out Mouthwatering Local Cuisines at Guwahati Local Dhabas
Guwahati Local Dhaba cuisines

Everyone loves good food and with good food a good environment has also been a priority for everyone. People crave for good restaurants or dhabas and many new dhabas have been launched in Guwahati as well as in the outskirts. These dhabas give an opportunity to the people to spend a beautiful day with their friends and families out of their busy schedule.

You have always searched for dhabas with a beautiful scenario but there are some Guwahati local dhabas in the outskirts of Guwahati which may not give you a beautiful scenario but definitely serves you good authentic food which will definitely satisfy you.

Local dhabas doesn’t only mean the dhabas are local in their place. It has different names like MP Local Dhaba, Juhal Local Dhaba, Joymoti Local Dhaba etc. These dhabas doesn’t serve you Chinese or North Indian food but serves you with local authentic cuisines from pork, snail, crab to local chicken, duck items etc.

Usually, when we go to a dhaba we always go for Chinese items or North Indian food but if anyone wants to have pure authentic Assamese food one can visit these local dhabas.

M.P. Local Dhaba

Many people visit this dhaba to try nicely cooked pork, crabs, snails, silkworms and different types of fish. The cool staff works hard, stays positive and makes this place wonderful. This dhaba also offers you food at reasonable prices. This place scored 4.3 in the Google rating system.

Juhal Local Dhaba

If you go to Rani or Chandubi, you can visit this dhaba as you will get this dhaba while on your way. If you love pork, snails, silkworms or crabs, this dhaba is a must visit for you as it serves this authentic food which you will really like. One can also celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion in this dhaba with a good food.

One gets Chinese foods, North Indian foods, South Indian foods easily anywhere in any restaurant but local Assamese foods are not easily available everywhere and these dhabas therefore will be helpful for the one who loves local food.

Now-a-days, everyone is busy in their mechanical life and therefore, to get out of these mechanical lives for a day, one can visit these dhabas to take a glimpse of it.

There are hundreds of dhabas in Assam. If you visit Sonapur, you will have ample numbers of dhabas. Dhabas give you a homely environment and therefore, everyone loves to visit it. The dhabas have become a good source of income for many.

In today’s date, you have to run after a job several times and most important is not every job is meant for you but of you think of getting involved in a food business, you can definitely open a dhaba which will give you a good source of income.

A Dhaba is a roadside restaurant in the Indian subcontinent. They are on highways, generally serve local cuisine, and also serve as truck stops. They are most commonly found next to petrol stations, and most are open 24 hours a day.

Dhaba roadside eateries are a common feature on national and state highways. Earlier frequented only by truck drivers, today eating at a dhaba—urban or roadside is a trend. Other than the local cuisines, one can also try dhaba-style recipes.

6 Epic Dhaba-Style Recipes You Can Try

Cannot plan a road trip in current circumstances, no problem! Try these Dhaba special recipes at home today and soak in some good nostalgia.

1. Dhaba Dal
You have tried recreating the dhaba-style dal at home before and you have failed. But not today! Here's that perfectly tangy, spicy and flavourful dal that swept you off your feet the first time you tried it at your favourite dhaba. Serve it with rice, roti or salad, and chomp away!

Dhaba Dal
Dhaba Dal

2. Dhaba Chicken
You think you can handle spicy? Then, you have to try this fiery dhaba chicken recipe (as if the mini disclaimer was going to stop you). This hot, highway special has all our heart, and we are pretty sure it will become a hot topic of discussion at your place too.

Dhaba Chicken
Dhaba Chicken

3. Dhaba Keema

Keema (or minced mutton) tossed in a pool of crude masalas. This incredibly feisty dish will remind you of your favourite road trip. Pair it with roti, and do not forget that extra blob of butter.

Dhaba Keema
Dhaba Keema

4. Tandoori Roti
How can you enjoy any gravy dish without the perfect bread to pair it with? Think Dhaba, and buttery tandoori roti is one of the first things to come to mind. Now, make Tandoori roti at home, without a tandoor with this recipe!

Tandoori Roti
Tandoori Roti

5. Dhaba Raan
Hardcore mutton lovers, this one's for you! Juicy lamb leg, marinated in spices, cooked till perfection. The thick masala gravy makes this dish even more memorable. Serve hot with sliced onions.

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Dhaba Raan
Dhaba Raan

6. Hare Masale Ki Chaap

It is rich, it is decadent and full of oomph. In this fascinating recipe, tender mutton chops are marinated in a mint-coriander base, before they are cooked on tawa and sauteed in an eclectic onion and curd-mix. There, we saw you slurping!

Another thing that people always try to know as what is the difference between a hotel, a restaurant or a dhaba. So here is the answer

Hotel - A place where mainly accommodation facilities along with other facilities like dining, Gyms, Spa, Pool, transportation, and other in room facilities like WiFi, TV etc are available. Although not every hotel offers everything but accommodation and food remains the common service provided by all.

Motel- Refers mainly to small/medium budget Hotels that are on highways or Roadsides, with outside parking area. They generally offer accommodation and food to travelers going by looking for some rest or a break from the journey.

Restaurant - A place that mainly offers food & beverage services where people are served by service staff, along with a place to sit. You can either order the items of your choice from the menu or can take the Buffet laid out at the restaurant. Restaurants can offer multi cuisines or specific cuisines like Italian, Chinese, French, Indian etc. Restaurants also sometimes offer services like take away and home delivery. Restaurants don’t prov accommodation facilities.

Dhabas - Term used mainly in India for small roadside restaurants or eating joints that generally offer food at low prices. They are not luxurious but are help. All of us have been to a dhaba. It has always been our favourite spot to eat delicious food and have a good time with our friends. It is always the winner when we have to choose between a five star restaurant and a comfy dhaba. The homely and comfortable environment has made us fans of these roadside shacks, and let's not even get started about the lip smacking food and the aromatic chai & rus that we get to enjoy on a chaarpai. No five star restaurant can match that ambiance.

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