National Girl Child Day 2023: Significance, History, Theme

Know the significance, history and theme of National Girl Child Day 2023.
National Girl Child Day 2023: Significance, History, Theme

24th January in India is celebrated as National Girl Child Day in India. The entire day is dedicated to highlighting the prejudices and injustices that girl children face. It was established by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2008. Here is all that you need to know about National Girl Child Day.

Women in the past have struggled a lot to get their voices heard and their rights recognized.  Many women were denied education and basic necessities. In India, a girl child was considered a burden for a very long time. They were made to learn kitchen skills from the moment she was capable of assisting her mother in the kitchen. They mold the mentality of young girls in such a way that they accept “compromising” as part of their lives. 

When years of patriarchy and oppression became too much to bear, they started voicing their opinions. And that was the start of "transformation." Today, women are able to excel in different fields and even do better than men. Although time has changed a lot, women still face tons of pressure from society or even from their own families to make certain life and career choices. In many big corporate jobs, women still struggle to be paid equally to men. 

The Ministry of Women and Child Development recognized the need to celebrate National Girl Child Day in order to encourage positive social change. The purpose of the day is to draw public attention to the problems that women and girls face in India. The purpose of this day is to bring awareness to the persistent gender gap that exists in many facets of society, including economic opportunity, political representation, and even access to clothing.

According to the women and child development ministry, National Girl Child Day is meant to create awareness about the rights of a girl, support the nation's girl children, eliminate gender biases, and emphasize the importance of education, health, and nutrition. The national holiday is observed nationwide by holding a variety of events to honor girls.

National Girl Child Day 2023: Theme

There is no set topic for National Girl Child Day 2023, according to the Indian government. Prior slogans were "Digital Generation, Our Generation”, and “Our Time is Now—Our Rights, Our Future."

National Girl Child Day 2023: Significance, History, Theme
National Girl Child Day 2023: Date, significance & Quotes

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