Lachit Borphukan Essay Writing Tips: Lachit Divas 2022

Lachit Borphukan Essay Writing Tips
Lachit Borphukan Essay Writing TipsPratidin Time

The government of Assam has done something hugely significant to honour Lachit Borphukan, one of the state's most heroic military leaders. In celebration of his 400th birthday, the government of Assam released the Lachit Borphukan App. This programme is devoted solely to remembering one of the state's most influential citizens.

A man of great bravery, patriotism, and unselfish devotion to the state. The state administration has appropriately created an app to honour his life and achievements. Through the Lachit Borphukan App, people can share essays on his life or can express their opinions about him. 

When it comes to writing essays, no one-size-fits-all approach will work for each and every one of your essays. However, the following universal norms of writing will truly help you get started without any confusion. Read some of the do's and don't of Lachit Borphukan essay writing tips

How to Write Essay On Lachit Borphukan? Let us look at all the Do's and Don'ts

Do's Of Writing Essay

  • Keeping the language straightforward and simple will help your essay to stand out. 

  • The correct approach to writing and essay in Lachit Borphukan would be to make sure there is a logical progression from one part of your essay to the next. They must not seem to be pieced together from several sources.  In this essay, you can take care of the chronological order. 

  • Usually, an essay is very formal and the prompt is designed to provoke thought and discussion. Although it may be tempting to simply "go with the flow" and write whatever comes to mind, keep in mind that it is to-the-point

  • It is best to keep the sentences short and sweet because the one judging the essays may be thrown off by too complex language.  It could indicate your incapacity to write in an understandable manner or to divide your sentences up in a sensible method. Also, longer sentences are more prone to errors. 

  • Use Appropriate Fonts, Font Sizes, and Margins. Style and formatting are not what create an excellent essay, but they do affect how readers see it at first glance.

  •  Articulate your ideas vividly and effectively. It reveals how well-versed you are in grammar and syntax, and also your vocabulary. The academic tone and vocabulary must be maintained throughout the writing process. 

  • Make sure you carefully edit your work before submitting it. Proofread your essay several times before turning it in to make sure it is free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, and poor sentence building.

Don'ts of Essay Writing

  • Essays shouldn't be crammed with irrelevant information. Essays should be deep and significant, it is best to whittle down their research to the most relevant aspects. The temptation to try to make the essay comprehensive by including every nugget of information you uncovered is real. 

  • Make Sure to Pay Attention to the Formatting. Regardless of the specifics of the required style and formatting, the basics of paper size, spacing, font size, margins, and page numbers must always be observed. To know which format to use for writing an essay on Lachit Borphukan, refer to the Lachit Borphukan App. 

  • Make Sure Your Essay Isn't Ruined by Typos. Having mistakes in your essay may give the impression that you are not paying close enough attention or don't care enough about the quality of your writing to proofread it, despite the fact that they do not reflect your language skills or grammatical understanding.

  • Avoid Relying Solely on Spell Checkers. Even though spell checks are helpful for catching obvious mistakes, you shouldn't rely on them exclusively. A human reader will likely catch many spelling mistakes that these systems miss.

  • Never plagiarise. plagiarism is usually treated as a serious offence. Nowadays, with the aid of technologies and search engines like Google, it is simple to identify plagiarism; thus, it is important to write on your own, or atleast paraphrase them properly. 

  • The use of harsh language is not allowed during essay writing. The use of dignified language is a must, and it is reflective of your communication and language skills.

Additional Tips For Writing Essay On Lachit Borphukan

While writing an essay in Lachit Borphukan's life, it is almost certain that the mention of the Saraighat Battle will be there. So, the following tips can help you write better:

  • Start with mentioning Lachit Borphukan's birth-date, family background, and his early life.

  • Secondly, describe the premise of the main story. Here, you will write about the environment he grew up in and what was going on in Assam while he became the commander. You will talk about how Mughals were trying to gradually expand into Assam's borders. 

  • If you come chronologically, you will reach a point when you will talk about the humiliating peace treaty of Ghilajharighat. At this point, you will start describing the advent of the Battle of Saraighat

  • You can also choose topics like how Lachit Borphukan's story inspires you. It is completely upto you. 

  • Create a rough draft of whatever you'd like to write, and then gradually refine your essay. 

  • Also, don't forget to proofread before submitting.

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