Lachit Borphukan App: Download, Register & Essay Upload Link

Lachit Borphukan App portal
Lachit Borphukan App portal

The Assam Government has taken a monumental step to commemorate one of Assam's most valiant and courageous commanders, Lachit Borphukan. To mark his 400th Birth Anniversary, the Assam Government has launched the Lachit Borphukan App, entirely dedicated towards honoring one of the state's most significant figures.

He is known for his immense valour, patriotism, and selfless service towards the state. The government has rightfully dedicated an app to celebrate his life journey and contribution towards the state.

About The Lachit Borphukan App & Portal

Assam Chief Minister, Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma launched the Lachit Borphukan App on 26th October 2022 as a way to pay tribute to the late freedom fighter of Assam. As an endeavour to keep his contributions alive among the present and the future generations of Assam, the Lachit Borphukan App is all about paying tribute to him.

The Assam Government has appealed to everyone to be involved in this celebration, and write an essay on Lachit Borphukan, as a gesture of paying respect.

The best essays will be chosen and published and featured in various magazines published by the government. The essay has to be written in one of the 3 formats as mentioned below in the article.

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How to Download the Lachit Borphukan App

Step 1: To download the Lachit Borphukan App, go to the official portal, released by the Govt. of Assam

Step 2: Scroll down the website to spot the exact option to download the App

Step 3: You can either download the app from the dedicated link, or scan the QR code provided.

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How to register in the Lachit Borphukan App?

  • Step-1: To register yourself for the Lachit Borphukan App, make sure to download the app on your phone using the steps mentioned above.

  • Step-2: Next, you need to click on the "Upload Writing" option in the upper right corner of the homepage. 

  • The next step is to choose the country and add the captcha code. 

  • Next, you will be instructed to enter the mobile number and Email ID. 

  • At last, click on Get OTP option and enter it when prompted. You will be successfully registered

How to register in the Lachit Borphukan Web Portal?

Step-1: Visit the official website of Lachit Borphukan Web Portal @ Click on the "Sign In" button in the Top Right corner.

Lachit Borphukan App Registraion
Lachit Borphukan App RegistraionPratidin Time

Step-2: Provide your "Mobile No." and "email id" to receive an OTP on your mobile.

Lachit Borphukan App Registraion
Lachit Borphukan App RegistraionPratidin Time

Step-3: Enter the 6-digit OTP and your registration will be complete. You will be then redirected to the your dashboard where you can upload your essay on Lachit Borphukan.

Note: If after entering OTP, you receive a Black screen error, Please refresh your page and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Lachit Borphukan App Registraion
Lachit Borphukan App RegistraionPratidin Time
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How to Upload Essay in the Lachit Borphukan  App?

Once your registration is complete, you will be able to submit your essay through the portal or the app by clicking on the "Upload" Button on the Upload Writing section. Kindly note that registering yourself is mandatory.

Upload Essay on Lachit Borphukan App
Upload Essay on Lachit Borphukan AppPratidin Time

Fill up all the necessary details to complete your Registration and Upload your Writing.

Upload Essay on Lachit Borphukan App
Upload Essay on Lachit Borphukan AppPratidin Time

Writing Formats for Essay Writing in Lachit Borphukan App

As of now, three formats have been approved by the Assam Government for essay writing.

  1. Pre-formatted Booklet: Applicants can write their essay on a preformatted book that will be available free of cost at the District authority.

  2. Plain Paper: Applicants can write their essay on a plain paper and upload on the App or the Web Portal.

  3. Online: Applicants can also upload their article by writing on Google docs or any other Word format.

Writing Formats for Essay Writing in Lachit Borphukan App

1. Mobile No Registration Process

Online Registration and Upload Writing can be done from "Portal" as well as from "Mobile App". The "Mobile App" is available for download in the portal.

The writings can be uploaded only from a registered mobile. User has to Registered his/her mobile no to verify his/her authenticity to use the Web Application or the Mobile App.

2. Writing Options

There are three different types of writing options:

  • Pre Formatted Booklet

  • Plain Paper

  • Online

3. Writing rules

Use the pre-formatted booklet which can be collected from district authority. One can also use plain paper for writing purpose and which can be uploaded using "Mobile App" or in the "Web Portal".

4. Upload the writing booklet

Pre Formatted booklet or Plain Paper writings can be uploaded from "Portal" or from the "Mobile App". If you have registered yourself you can upload the same of your own. Only by "Sign in" you can upload all your writings and download the same.

5. Download Writings

Once the registration and upload writing is completed successfully the system will generate a "Collage" automatically which will be available for download.

FAQs about the Lachit Borphukan App

1. What is the Lachit Borphukan  App?

The Lachit Barphukan  App is an app launched by the Assam Government to commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the great Ahom warrior, Lachit Borphukan to celebrate his 400th Birth anniversary

2. How to download the Lachit Borphukan  App?

To download the Lachit Borphukan App, visit the Web portal and follow the necessary steps mentioned above. 

3. How to register for the Lachit Borphukan  App?

Your mobile number and email ID is mandatory to register in the Lachit Borphukan App. You can register through both the app and the portal.

4.How to upload the Writings and Essays on the Lachit Borphukan  App?

Interested applicants can register themselves on the app or on the portal and upload their writings.

5.On which day lachit Divas 2022 is observed?

This year Lachit Divas will be Celebrated from Nov 23-25 in Delhi.

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