Understanding the Significance of Migration Certificates in Higher Education

Marriage Certificate: Everything you need to know
Marriage Certificate: Everything you need to know

Students frequently inquire about the significance of a migration certificate for higher education. If you're seeking to understand its importance, read on. The migration certificate holds various benefits crucial for pursuing advanced studies.

Definition of Migration Certificate

A migration certificate verifies that a student who seeks to transfer to another educational institution is eligible to continue their studies and has completed the previous examination. It is mandatory when a student transitions to a different school or educational board.

For instance, if a high school graduate has fulfilled the requirements of the 12th grade and intends to apply to a college or university for further education, they must possess a migration certificate.

Importance of Migration Certificate for Higher Studies

In India, renowned for its diverse educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB, and state boards, students completing their 10+2 exams are required to present various supporting documents for admission to top colleges and universities.

A migration certificate is one such document, considered pivotal for academic progression. It is indispensable for students to continue their education. These certificates are issued solely by the education board, college principal, or dean.

The significance of possessing a migration certificate for those aspiring to pursue higher education stems from the following reasons

1. Admission to Desired Streams and Institutions: With a migration certificate, students gain admission to their preferred streams and institutions, signifying that they meet the prescribed standards for higher education.

2. Admission to University: It is essential for gaining admission to any university, even if the student completed high school education in the same state as the university.

3. Admission to a Different University: Whenever applying to a university other than the one previously attended, a migration certificate is a prerequisite.

4. Requirement for Admission: Lack of a migration certificate bars entry into an institution. While not necessary for counseling sessions, it is mandatory for admission applications.

How to Obtain It?

To acquire a migration certificate, students must apply to their current education board, along with their mark sheet and graduation certificate from the previous school. Payment of fees is also required.

This certificate confirms the student's eligibility for transfer and signifies their readiness to continue education in a new institution or school. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most educational institutions now issue migration certificates through mail.

Documents Required for Issuance of Migration Certificate

The following documents are necessary to obtain a migration certificate. It is the student's responsibility to provide all these documents to the appropriate authority for the issuance of the certificate:

1. Provisional certificate for the most recent course or degree awarded.

2. Final Marksheet or Current Marksheet.

3. Last semester’s or last year’s grade report (to prove that the student has passed the examination).

4. The Aadhar Card.

5. Receipt of fees.

How to Obtain a Migration Certificate from the CBSE Board?

For students enrolled in a school or board other than CBSE who wish to transfer, they must pass the current exam to be considered for transfer.

To apply for a CBSE Migration Certificate, the student must fill out a form provided by the CBSE and submit it along with their application for the certificate. The migration form is available on the CBSE website.

Applicants requesting a CBSE Migration Certificate or an urgent duplicate copy must pay Rs. 250. The fee for an urgent duplicate migration certificate is Rs. 500. Additionally, courier charges of Rs. 25 for delivery within Delhi NCR and Rs. 35 for delivery to any other state in India apply.

How to Obtain a Migration Certificate from the ICSE Board?

Students who have passed the ICSE Exam and wish to apply for admission to another school can make a bulk order for the required ICSE Migration Certificates.

The fee for a migration certificate is Rs. 150. Schools are required to pay the Council online for all the Migration Certificates they need. After receiving the payment, the Council's Kolkata office will mail the Migration Certificates to the Heads of Schools.

Instances Requiring Migration Certificate

1. When applying for admission to a different university than the one previously attended.

2. When transferring to a new school or educational board.

3. When completing high school education in the same state as the university (10th and 12th grades).

4. When applying for admission.

Validity of a Migration Certificate

Once a student presents their migration certificate to an institution, it remains valid for six months. This certificate can be utilized whenever applying to attend another school or university of the bearer’s choice. 

Upon obtaining the migration certificate, it becomes a valuable document in securing admission to any desired college or university. If the applicant has already acquired their diploma, they can proceed with the remaining documentation required for admission.

During the admission process, students are required to submit all necessary documents, including the migration certificate, to verify their status as a migrant student.

In summary, a migration certificate is an essential document necessary for pursuing higher education at any accredited institution. It serves as a crucial tool for gaining admission to colleges and universities.

Marriage Certificate: Everything you need to know
Marriage Certificate: Everything you need to know

What is the purpose of the marriage certificate?


A Certificate of marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence as to the fact of marriage;Certificate of marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence, particularly among married women; Certificate of marriage is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband.


What documents required after marriage?


While marriage certificates are typically the primary proof, other documents like updated adhaar card, passport, joint accounts, shared residence proofs, or affidavits affirming marital status can also substantiate the relationship if needed.


What is the difference between marriage registration and marriage certificate?


A marriage certificate is typically issued after registering your marriage with the government. This registration process usually involves the following steps: Application Submission: You and your partner will need to file a joint application at the Sub-registrar's office in the district where either of you resides.

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