Worshipping Shani Dev: Important Tips to Prevent Financial Loss

Learn essential tips to prevent financial loss while worshipping Shani Dev. Discover rituals and precautions to appease Lord Shani and safeguard your financial well-being.
When Worshipping Shani Dev: Important Tips to Prevent Financial Loss
When Worshipping Shani Dev: Important Tips to Prevent Financial Loss

Shani Dev, regarded as the god of justice and punishment, holds significant sway in astrology, impacting individuals' lives during their Mahadasha, Sade Sati, or Dhaiya phases. Due to his discerning gaze, people often encounter numerous challenges. Therefore, individuals worship Shani Dev to appease him and avert his punishment. However, during Shani Dev's worship, it's crucial to take precautions; otherwise, worshippers may inadvertently incur his wrath. If you visit a Shani temple on Saturdays to offer prayers to Shani Dev, it's vital to be aware of the precautions to be observed during worship.

Who is Shani Dev?

Shani Dev, also known as the planet Saturn in astrology, holds a significant place in Hindu mythology. According to legend, he is the son of Surya Dev (the Sun) and Chhaya (Shadow), earning him the name Chhayaputra. Regarded by some astrologers as the most formidable and stern among the nine planets, Shani Dev is often associated with justice and karma. He is believed to mete out rewards and punishments to individuals based on their actions.

Precautions While Worshiping Shani Dev

1. Avoid Eye Contact: When visiting the temple to worship Shani Dev, refrain from looking directly into his eyes or standing directly in front of his idol. Instead, keep your eyes closed or focus on his feet during worship. It is believed that making eye contact with Shani Dev may attract his gaze upon you.

2. Mind Your Posture: While worshiping Shani Dev, avoid standing still. After completing the worship, move away from the deity while facing him and continue to move backward. This prevents Shani Dev from seeing your back, which could potentially provoke his wrath.

3. Consider Clothing Colors: Pay attention to the colors of your attire during Shani Dev's worship. Avoid wearing red-colored clothes and opt for colors like blue or black, which are considered favorable for Shani Dev.

4. Use Iron Vessels: When offering oil to Shani Dev, use iron vessels instead of copper ones. Copper is associated with the Sun God, who is considered an adversary of Shani Dev. Hence, it is recommended to use iron utensils.

5. Be Mindful of Direction: During Shani Dev's worship, be mindful of the direction you face. While worship typically faces east, Shani Dev is associated with the west. Therefore, orient yourself towards the West during worship to align with his domain.

In Hindu mythology, upon a child's birth, their birth chart (kundali) is crafted based on the planetary alignments of celestial bodies, which shape their destiny. Among these celestial forces, one instills significant fear for bringing ill luck – Shani Dev or Lord Saturn. Individuals born under his influence often experience a challenging period known as 'Shani Mahadasha' or 'Sadhesaati,' marked by considerable problems, grief, and upheavals in life. 

However, it is believed that by appeasing him properly, one can mitigate the effects of this 'dosha.' Shani Dev serves as a teacher to devotees, offering them opportunities to correct their mistakes. In this article, we'll explore powerful and straightforward methods to please Shani Dev and enhance one's good fortune, including the chanting of 'Shani Mantra' and 'Shani Strotam.'

When Worshipping Shani Dev: Important Tips to Prevent Financial Loss
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How to please Shani Dev for wealth?


To appease Saturn, one can chant mantras, walk barefoot on grass, practice Karma Yoga, engage in charitable donations, perform yagya, light lamps with sesame/mustard oil, worship Lord Kaalbhairav, refrain from intoxicants, devote Saturdays to Lord Hanuman, and worship the Peepal tree.


How to remove bad effects of Shani?


You are advised to light a diya with mustard oil under the peepal tree every Saturday. One must recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday to remove the malefic effects of Saturn. People should visit Hanuman Mandir everyday and worship Lord Hanuman with immense devotion and pray to get rid of bad effects of Shani.


How can I be safe from Shani Dev?


Discard Intoxicants – It is advised to discard and abstain all the intoxicants from your life, as Lord Shani is pleased by those who abstain from alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Offering sweet milk to a banyan tree is believed to bring positive outcomes.

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