How to Check Voter ID Online

How to Check Voter ID Online
How to Check Voter ID Online

A valid Voter ID not only serves as identification but is also essential for casting votes in elections. Checking and updating your voter ID information is now quick and easy online. 

Issued by the Election Commission of India, a voter ID card, also referred to as a 'Voter Registration Card' or an 'Election Card,' serves as proof of citizenship and enables individuals to exercise their voting rights in the country. 

This photo identity card plays a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy of the electoral roll and preventing electoral fraud.

How to Search for Your Voter ID Card Online

Follow these steps to search for your voter ID card online:

Step 1: Visit the Electoral Search website, where all voter information is stored after 2 or 3 weeks of applying for a Voter ID Card.

Step 2: On the homepage, you'll find two options to find your details. The first method is to enter your Epic Number, while the second option is to search by providing your personal information.

Step 3: If you choose the first option, enter your Epic Number, State, and the Security Code displayed on the screen. Then click on "search". If you are a registered voter, your details will be displayed.

Step 4: Alternatively, select the "Search by details" option. Enter your full name, age, date of birth, state, district, and constituency. Click on "Search" to find your Voter Identity Card details. If you are a registered voter, your details will be displayed.

How to Search for Your Voter ID Card via State Election Website

If you're unable to find your details on the Electoral Search website, you can try searching on your state election website, which stores voter information.

Step 1: Visit your state election website.

Step 2: Enter basic details like your name, father's name, and Voter ID Card number. Then click on the "Search" button.

Step 3: After clicking "Search," a list of profiles matching the provided information will appear.

Step 4: Select your name from the list to view detailed information.

If you still can't find your Voter Identity Card details online, visit the nearest electoral office for assistance.

How to correct the name in your voter ID details online

1. Visit the official website of the National Voters Services Portal (NVSP).

2. If you're a new user, register by entering your username and password. If you're an existing member, log in.

3. Select "Correction in Electors Details."

4. Click on Form 8.

5. Fill in the required details on the new page:

   - State Assembly or Parliamentary Constituency

   - Name, age, part number of the electoral roll, and gender

   - Family details such as father, mother, and spouse

   - Residential address

6. Upload the necessary documents such as passport, PAN card, etc.

7. To edit or change details, select the ‘My Name’ option.

8. Enter your residential city, date, mobile number, and email ID.

9. Verify the details and click on ‘Submit’ to update the name in your voter ID.

10. Note: Once the application is processed and verified, you'll receive a notification on your mobile number.

 How you can correct your address in your voter ID details online

1. Log in to the NVSP portal.

2. Click on ‘Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC.’

3. Choose Form 6 if you've opted for a new constituency, or Form 8A if you've relocated within the same constituency.

4. Fill in the necessary details like your name, date of birth, state, constituency, etc.

5. Provide your contact details, including email ID and mobile number.

6. Upload essential documents such as Aadhar, PAN, etc.

7. Submit the form along with the required documents.

8. Agree to the declaration.

9. Enter the captcha and click on ‘Submit’.

How you can correct the date of birth in your voter ID details online

1. Log in to the NVSP portal.

2. Select Form 8.

3. Enter the following details:

   - Elector's Photo Identity Card Number (EPIC)

   - Name

   - Information related to Parliamentary Constituency, State, or District Assembly

4. Choose the date of birth option.

5. Enter the date of birth as per Aadhar.

6. Upload age-proof documents, such as the Aadhar card.

7. Agree to the declaration.

8. Click on ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

 How to check your name in the voter list via SMS

1. Obtain your EPIC number or the Election Photo Identity Card Number.

2. From your registered mobile number, send an SMS containing this EPIC number.

3. Send the SMS in the following format: [SPACE] <EPIC Number> to 1950.

4. You will receive various information on your mobile number regarding your name in the voter list, including:

   - Polling booth information

   - Confirmation or absence of your name from the voter list.

How to check your name in the voter list via helpline number

1. To confirm your name in the voter list, contact the Election Commission of India (ECI) on the helpline number.

2. The helpline number is available 24x7, and it's 1950.

3. Voters can inquire about their names in the list using various parameters such as address, name, information about the polling booth, EPIC (Election Photo Identity Card), etc.

4. Note: Any call or SMS to 1950 will be charged as per existing tariff plans.

 The reasons for a missing voter’s name in the voter list

1. Ineligibility: If the voter does not meet the eligibility criteria set by the Election Commission, their name may be missing from the voter list.

2. Late Registration: If the voter registered their name just before the election, there may not have been sufficient time for their name to be included in the voter list.

3. Change in Constituency: If the voter has changed constituencies and the registration process for the new constituency was not completed in time, their name may be missing from the voter list.

4. Timing of Application: Applying for a new voter ID card or making changes too close to the polling date (within three weeks prior) may not allow sufficient time for the updates to be reflected in the voter list, resulting in a missing name.

what to do if your name is missing from the voter list

1. Visit the Electoral Search page on the National Voter Services Portal (NVSP).

2. Click on 'Search by EPIC number' or 'Search by details' if you don't have your EPIC number.

3. If your name is missing, you'll need to register again.

4. Fill out Form 6 for registration.

5. Submit Form 6 to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your Assembly Constituency.

6. To submit Form 6 online, visit the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) website (

7. Click on 'Online Voter Registration' and sign up to obtain your username and password.

8. Upload a passport-sized photograph, proof of residence, and proof of age.

9. After completing the process, your name will be updated in the list.

10. You can check the updated list through the mobile app 'Voter Helpline', SMS, or by clicking on 'Check your Name in the Voter’s List'.

How to Check Voter ID Online
How to apply for a duplicate voter ID

How long does it take to change the address in voter ID?


It takes two to three weeks after the applicant applied for the changes to get updated in their voter ID card. 


How long does it take to get a voter ID?


After applying for a voter ID, it takes almost five to seven weeks to receive the voter ID card. 


Can I change my voter registration address online?


Yes, you can change the registration address online. 

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