How to Correct Name in Voter ID Card

How to Correct Name in Voter ID Card
How to Correct Name in Voter ID Card

The Voter ID is a crucial document for Indian citizens, serving as both a voting tool and an identity document. In instances where voters find their names misspelled or incorrect on the electoral list, they can easily rectify it through a straightforward procedure. The Election Commission has introduced both online and offline application forms and processes to facilitate this correction.

All applicants need to do is complete an application form and submit it along with the necessary supporting documents to the electoral office. Below is a comprehensive list of guidelines for this process.

Procedure to Correct Name in Voter ID Card Online

If you discover inaccuracies in your voter ID card's name, you can rectify it through a simple online process outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the official website, the National Voters Services Portal

Step 2: Go to the "Correction of entries in electoral roll" section and select "Form 8".

Step 3: Fill in the required details such as state, assembly/parliamentary constituency, name, gender, age, family details, and address.

Step 4: Provide voter ID card details if available, including card number, issuance date, state, and constituency.

Step 5: Upload supporting documents like a recent photograph, valid ID, and proof of address.

Step 6: Select the option for correcting the name.

Step 7: Enter your city and the date of the request.

Step 8: Provide contact information (mobile number, email).

Step 9: Review the information and submit the form.

Step 10: The Election Commission of India will verify the details and make necessary changes if everything is accurate.

Form Required for Name Change/Correction in Voter ID Card

To modify or correct your name on your voter's ID card, you'll need to complete an application form along with supporting documents. The designated form for this purpose is Form 8, accessible on the website of your state's Chief Electoral Officer and at all election offices nationwide. Alternatively, you can fill and submit the form online through your state/Union Territory's Chief Electoral Officer's website.

You'll be required to provide details such as your name, contact information, voter ID card number, constituency details, and any relevant documents supporting the name change or correction.

Form 8 serves as the application for correcting specific details on the electoral roll. Upon submission and processing of the form, the changes will reflect in the subsequent voter list.

Reasons for Name Change/Correction in Voter ID

A voter ID card serves various purposes, primarily acting as an identity document for electoral participation. It also serves as proof of identity and address for various transactions, from flight ticket purchases to loan applications or obtaining a credit card. Given its multifaceted utility, it's crucial to ensure all information on the card is accurate and up to date.

Errors in the printed name may occur during the voter ID application process, necessitating prompt correction to avoid future complications.

Individuals may also seek name changes, such as women adopting their husband's surname after marriage. Such changes need to be reflected accurately on the voter's ID card without delay.

How to Verify Voter ID Name Change Status

Once you've submitted your application for a name change on your Voter ID card, you can easily track its status by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the official National Voters Services Portal.

Step 2: Go to the 'Track Application Status' section.

Step 3: Enter the reference number provided to you during Form 8 submission.

Step 4: Select your 'State' from the options provided and click on 'Submit'.

Step 5: The screen will display the progress status of your application request.

Documents Required for Voter ID Name Correction

When applying for a Voter ID card name correction, individuals must provide proof of the name change. Here is a list of acceptable documents for this purpose:

1. Aadhaar Card

2. Utility bills dated within the past year (water, electricity, or gas bills)

3. Current bank or post office passbook

4. Passport

5. PAN Card

6. Birth Certificate

7. Driving License

Duration to Update Voter ID Name

After submitting Form 8 along with the necessary documents, it typically takes approximately two to three weeks to receive a new Voter ID card with the updated name. Once the changes are processed, you can expect to see them reflected in the subsequent Voter list.

How to Correct Name in Voter ID Card
How to Check Voter ID Online

How do I check my registration status?


Visit to see if you are registered to vote. If your name appears in the list, you are eligible to vote, otherwise you need to register to vote. Visit for voter registration. Also, you can use Voter Helpline A


How can I cancel my voter ID?


Log into the NVSP portal and fill in Form 7 to cancel your voter ID card. 


Can I cast a vote in my home village if I work and live in Delhi?


Yes, you can cast your vote in your home village even if you work and live in Delhi. The only condition you must fulfill is that you must not be a registered voter in any other constituency.

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