How to Find Part Number in Voter ID

In this article you will get to know, how you can find your number in voter ID
How to Find Part Number in Voter ID
How to Find Part Number in Voter ID

The Voter ID is a crucial document for every Indian citizen, yet many hesitate to apply due to perceived complexities. However, acquiring a Voter ID is simpler than it seems, especially with the right guidance.

The Part Number in the Voter ID serves several important purposes

1. Applying for a New Voter ID Card: When applying for a new Voter ID, knowing your Part Number helps streamline the application process, ensuring accurate registration in the electoral roll.

2. Making Changes in Existing Election Card: Whether updating personal details like name and address or correcting errors, the Part Number is essential for initiating changes to your existing Voter ID card.

3. Canceling Voter ID from a Specific Constituency: In cases where individuals wish to cancel their Voter ID registration in a particular constituency, the Part Number provides the necessary reference for this administrative procedure.

By understanding the significance of the Part Number, individuals can navigate various aspects of Voter ID management more effectively, ensuring their electoral information remains accurate and up to date.

To find the Part Number in the electoral roll, you can follow these steps

- Check a family member's or neighbor's Voter ID card.

- Locate the "Part Number and Name" information on the back side of the card.

- Note down the Part Number, as it will be the same for individuals residing in the same area.

- This Part Number is essential when applying for your Voter ID card, ensuring accurate registration in your locality's electoral roll.

How to Find Part Number in a Voter ID Card Online

- Visit the National Voters' Services Portal website.

- Choose to find your account by entering either the Epic Number or your details.

- If entering personal details, provide your name, father's name, age, date of birth, gender, state, and constituency.

- Click on the link under the "Polling Station" column once your profile appears.

- If searching by Epic Number, enter it along with your state and click "Continue".

- Click on the link under the "Polling Station" column once your profile appears.

- Proceed to the next page to view your polling station location.

- Click on "See Your Election Officials" to access their details.

- At the end of this page, select "Click here for Electoral Roll" to download the PDF.

- Open the PDF file and locate the Part Number at the top right-hand side of the page.

- Utilize this Part Number when registering for a new Voter ID or making changes online.

How to Find Part Number in Voter ID
How to Change Address in Voter ID Card

Can I use my Aadhaar to prove my residence for voter identification?


Yes, you can provide both identification and address proof in the same document. Aadhaar cards, passports, NEGRA cards, driver's licences, and voters' ID cards are examples of officially valid documents (OVDs) for KYC purposes. These documents serve as proof of identification and proof of residency. 


What is legitimate address proof?


Tax ID number PAN card Order for Income Tax Assessment Card with a Photograph Statement from a credit card that is no more than three months ago Defense/Paramilitary Telephone Bill of Fixed Line (not older than the last three months), Smart Card issued by CSD. a brand-new certificate proving your identification. 


What does voter id's tehsil taluka mandal mean?


The word "Tehsil" refers to the name of the village where we reside. Tehsils are also known as ‘talukas’ or ‘Mandals’ in different states and are made up of a number of villages and a few towns. The relevant Panchayat Samiti, which is present in the district, is responsible for managing these Tehsils. 

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