Kerala Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Essential Details on Schedule, Phases, Seats, and Candidates
Kerala Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Essential Details on Schedule, Phases, Seats, and Candidates

Kerala Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Essential Details on Schedule, Phases, Seats, and Candidates

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Get all the essential details about the Kerala Lok Sabha Elections 2024, including the schedule, phases, seats, and candidates. Stay informed and prepared for the upcoming polls with our comprehensive guide to the electoral process in Kerala.

Kerala stands as a stronghold for the Congress, notably evident in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections where the party clinched most seats, unlike the BJP-led NDA which failed to secure any. The state's significance for the Congress is underscored by the presence of key leader Rahul Gandhi, who represents a Kerala constituency. However, the NDA is strategizing to shift this political landscape in the forthcoming 2024 elections. Given Kerala's notable voter turnout, both parties recognize the criticality of connecting with the populace in this region.

Kerala Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Schedule and Phases

The Kerala Lok Sabha Elections for all 20 seats are slated to occur on April 26, according to the announcement by the Election Commission of India (ECI).

Phase 2: Polling Date - April 26 & Constituencies

  • Kasargod

  • Kannur

  •  Vadakara

  • Wayanad

  • Kozhikode

  • Malappuram

  • Ponnani

  • Palakkad

  • Alathur

  • Thrissur

  •  Chalakudy

  • Ernakulam

  • Idukki

  •  Kottayam

  • Alappuzha

  • Mavelikkara

  •  Pathanamthitta

  •  Kollam

  •  Attingal

  • Thiruvananthapuram

Phases of Kerala:

Kerala's elections will take place in a single phase, consistent with tradition and the state's well-organized voter system. Hence, the 2024 General Elections in Kerala will be held on April 26, during phase two.

Lok Sabha Seats in Kerala: Overview and Success

Kerala, ranked 12th among states in terms of Lok Sabha seats, possesses a total of 20 seats, with 18 being unreserved and two reserved for SC candidates. In the 17th Lok Sabha Elections, the INC-led UPA emerged victorious in 19 out of the 20 seats, making Kerala the most successful state for the alliance.

List of Candidates for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections in Kerala


   - I.N.D.I.A: Rajmohan Unnithan (INC)

   - NDA: M L Ashwini


   - I.N.D.I.A: K Sudhakaran (INC)

   - NDA: C Raghunath


   - I.N.D.I.A: Shafi Parambil (INC)

   - NDA: Prafulla Krishna


   - I.N.D.I.A: Rahul Gandhi (INC)

   - NDA: K Surendran


   - I.N.D.I.A: M K Raghavan (INC)

   - NDA: M T Ramesh


   - I.N.D.I.A: Abdul Salam

   - NDA: Not specified


   - I.N.D.I.A: Not specified

   - NDA: Niveditha Subramanian


   - I.N.D.I.A: V K Sreekandan (INC)

   - NDA: C Krishnakumar


   - I.N.D.I.A: Ramya Haridas (INC)

   - NDA: TN Sarasu


    - I.N.D.I.A: K Muraleedharan (INC)

    - NDA: Suresh Gopi


    - I.N.D.I.A: Benny Behanan (INC)

    - NDA: Not specified


    - I.N.D.I.A: Hibi Eden (INC)

    - NDA: KS Radhakrishna


    - I.N.D.I.A: Dean Kuriakose (INC)

    - NDA: Not specified


    - I.N.D.I.A: Not specified

    - NDA: Not specified


    - I.N.D.I.A: KC Venugopal (INC)

    - NDA: Shobha Surendran


    - I.N.D.I.A: Kodikunnil Suresh (INC)

    - NDA: Not specified


    - I.N.D.I.A: Anto Antony (INC)

    - NDA: Anil K Antony


    - I.N.D.I.A: Not specified

    - NDA: G Krishnakumar


    - I.N.D.I.A: Adoor Prakash (INC)

    - NDA: V Muraleedharan


    - I.N.D.I.A: Shashi Tharoor (INC)

    - NDA: Rajiv Chandrasekhar

Candidates for the 2024 Elections in Kerala

  • INC aims to maintain its previous success and momentum in the upcoming elections and prevent the ruling government alliance from gaining ground in Kerala through their newly formed I.N.D.I.A  an alliance.

  • NDA aims to strengthen its position in the state and secure significant seats in the forthcoming elections.

  •  CPIM has announced candidates for 15 seats, including MV Balakrishnan (Kasaragod), MV Jayarajan (Kannur), KK Shailja (Vatakara), Elamaram Kareem (Kozhikode), V Waseef (Malappuram), KS Hamsa (Ponnani), A Vijayaraghavan (Palakkad), K Radhakrishnan (Alathur), C Raveendranath (Chalakudy), KJ Shine (Ernakulam), Joice George (Idukki), AM Ariff (Alappuzha), Thomas Issac (Pathanamthitta), M Mukesh (Kollam), and V Joy (Attingal).

  • CPI has declared candidates for four seats, including Annie Raja (Wayanad), Pannian Raveendran (Thiruvananthapuram), Arun Kumar (Mavelikkara), and VS Sunil Kumar (Thrissur).

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How many Lok Sabha seats are there in Kerala?


There are 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala. In the 2014 general elections, CPM had won 1 seat, INC 15, RSP 1, KEC(M) 1, and IUML 2.


Which election is coming in Kerala?


The 2024 Indian general election in Kerala will be held on 26 April 2024 to elect 20 members of 18th Lok Sabha.


How many seats are there in Kerala?


The Assembly is formed by 140 elected representatives. Each elected member represents one of the 140 constituencies within the borders of Keralam and is referred to as Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA).

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