"Not Even Thousand Himanta Biswa Sarma Can Shake Congress": APCC Chief

Congress Chief Stands Strong Against Himanta Biswa Sarma's Attempts to Shake Party
"Not Even Thousand Himanta Biswa Sarma Can Shake Congress": APCC Chief
"Not Even Thousand Himanta Biswa Sarma Can Shake Congress": APCC Chief

In anticipation of the announcement of the Congress candidate from Lakhimpur, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) President Bhupen Borah revealed key details of the party's upcoming plans. Bora disclosed that the candidate for the Lakhimpur constituency would be unveiled either tonight or tomorrow, with the constituency's name set to appear in the third list of candidates.

Furthermore, Assam Congress in-charge Jitendra Singh Alwar is scheduled to arrive in Guwahati tomorrow, where he will address a press conference at Greenwood Resort at 11 am.

Notably, members of the 16-party united opposition forum are expected to be present at the event. Additionally, Singh will hold discussions with all district Congress presidents and candidates at Rajiv Bhawan, followed by interactions with media committees. A significant joining program is also slated to take place at Rajiv Bhawan thereafter, as announced by the APCC chief.

When questioned about Dwijen Sharma's departure from the Congress party, Bhupen Borah shared insights into the intricate process of candidate selection.

“When Sharma sought a party ticket for his run, I wondered if he could afford the expenses. Once you are refused nomination, everyone will despise the party president. Though Dwijen Sharma is an old Congress worker, we need everyone's input before awarding him a ticket. I have no anger against anyone, but I cannot please everyone. Being in opposition requires patience. It is not possible to become a ruler within one day,” Borah asserted.

In paying homage to Sharma's longstanding commitment as an esteemed Congress veteran, Borah underscored the importance of valuing loyalty and dedication. He emphasized the collective wisdom within the party, advocating for inclusive decision-making processes to foster unity and cohesion.

Meanwhile, Borah expressed confidence in the Congress's prospects in the Jorhat Lok Sabha constituency, asserting that they had already secured victory there. He predicted that the Congress would outperform the BJP in Jorhat, indicating optimism regarding the upcoming elections.

Regarding the chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma's remarks in Karimganj, Bora brushed off concerns about defections to the BJP, stating that no number of defections could undermine the strength of the Congress party.

"Let him take, how many more people will he bring to the BJP? Nobody can affect Congress—not even a thousand Himanta Biswa Sarma can," added the APCC chief.

Addressing the controversy surrounding the Barpeta constituency, Bora defended the party's decision to field candidates loyal to the Congress. He acknowledged the tensions within the opposition camp but affirmed the party's commitment to its chosen candidates. The nomination of Manoranjan Talukdar by the CPI(M) further complicates the political landscape in Barpeta, intensifying the rift within the opposition.

As the election season unfolds, the Barpeta constituency emerges as a focal point of contention, underscoring the challenges facing the opposition alliance. With both the Congress and CPI(M) firm on their respective candidates, the battle for Barpeta promises to be fiercely contested, reflecting the broader struggle for political dominance in Assam.

"Not Even Thousand Himanta Biswa Sarma Can Shake Congress": APCC Chief
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