1st Lunar Eclipse of 2020 To Occur on Jan 10

Representative Image
Representative Image

The first lunar eclipse out of the penumbral lunar eclipses of2020 will take place on January 10. The lunar eclipse, which is expected tolast for around 4 hours, will be visible from India.

Lunar eclipse, also known as the Wolf moon eclipse, is acelestial event that occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon,which results in obstructing some or all of the Sun's light from reaching theMoon.

According to reports, the lunar eclipse is expected to takeplace from around 10.30 pm to 2.30 am Indian Standard Time (IST). 90 percent ofthe moon's surface will be partially covered by the earth during the eclipsewith only the outer part of the shadow appearing.

The reports stated that the US will not get to witness the January 10 eclipse as it will occur during its daylight hours. Countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa will get to see it. Before the aforementioned continents, Australia will be a witness to it.

Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse can be viewed through naked eyes. Although it is just a celestial event, Indians have attached many believe to it.  

Although it is just a celestial events, Indians have attachedmany believes to it. Some think of it as good for their business, career orhealth, while others consider it inauspicious for them.

The other lunar eclipse this year will occur on June 5, July 5and November 30.

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