Afghan National With Fake Aadhaar Card From Assam Arrested In Kerala

Afghan National With Fake Aadhaar Card From Assam Arrested In Kerala

Report has been circulating all over on Sunday of an Afghan national arrested in Kerala with an Aadhaar card and other documents procured in Assam.

The Kerala Police arrested 22-year-old Afghan national Abbas Khan alias Idgul on Saturday, stated reports.

It was earlier reported that he was working at the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) using forged documents.

A media report on Sunday said Abbas Khan alias Idgul, a native of Afghanistan, used an Aadhaar card with an address in Assam.

As per latest reports on statements made by the Kerala Police, the Afghan national entered India via Nepal and forged his identity documents to get a job at the Cochin Shipyard in a major security breach.

It has been reported that he stayed in Assam to forge documents and went to Kochi using forged documents including school certificates.

Police said his relatives also worked at the Cochin Shipyard.

It has been reported that he entered Assam in 2019 using a medical visa and the visa had validity for only 3 months. But he did not return to his country even after the expiry of the visa.

The Afghan national also prepared an Aadhaar card using a forged address in Assam.

Meanwhile, the Kochi Police has seized the forged Aadhaar card from the Aghan. The Afghan national claimed his father is an Afghan national but his mother is from Assam.

However, the investigation is going on in relation with the case for further information.

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