Assam Woman Wanted By Police Found Married To Gujarat Man

Rita is an accused in cases including fraud, theft, murder, and Rhino poaching in Assam. She had posed as a different on a matrimonial site where the two met.
Rita from Assam is a wanted woman in many previous cases
Rita from Assam is a wanted woman in many previous cases

A man named Vimal Karia in Gujarat’s Porbandar has filed a petition with the magistrate to annul his marriage after finding out that the woman he had married six months ago, was a wanted criminal in Assam.

According to reports, the victim man had come across the woman’s profile on a matrimonial site and the two had tied the knot just six months ago. However, after coming to know about his wife’s real name, Karia found out about her past life and criminal cases in Assam and approached to get his wedding annulled.

The woman in question, Rita Chauhan had posed as Rita Das on the matrimonial site. She turned out to be a wanted criminal from Assam who along with her former husband, Anil Chauhan, are accused of stealing over 6,000 cars in Assam in the last 24 years. In September last year, Anil Chauhan had been arrested by Delhi Police.

Meanwhile, Rita is an accused in cases including fraud, theft, murder, and Rhino poaching in Assam. After coming across her profile on the matrimonial site, the victim Vimal Karia found out that she had been divorced, which she had mentioned on her profile. To that, he sought her divorce certificate ahead of their wedding arrangements which she subtly dodged giving various excuses.

However, the couple went on to get married in Ahmedabad. Six months into their wedding, Rita reportedly asked to go back to Assam to sort out some land related issue. Vimal agreed to it and she left with his ATM card, Rs 5,000 in cash and a mobile phone. They remained in contact over phone for the next few days, but soon after that, Vimal’s calls started to go unanswered. One day Rita’s lawyer picked the phone to inform Vimal that she had been arrested in Assam and needed Rs 1 lakh to get her out on bail, assuring him that the matter was not too serious.

It was only after checking out his wife’s court documents that Vimal came to know of her real name. A quick Google search revealed all about her past life including the criminal charges against her name in Assam.

Rita from Assam is a wanted woman in many previous cases
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As per reports, Rita had claimed to come from a poor family in Assam and her brother and sister-in-law were involved in manual labour.  She also told that her mother was not keeping well and hence, they decided to get married within one week of meeting each other.

The first signs of suspicion came to Vimal when he saw that despite claiming to be from a poor family in Assam, Rita was using expensive cosmetic items. She would buy expensive items without even blinking an eye, mentioned Vimal. She also reportedly demanded to always travel in AC trains or in cabs and despite marrying into a vegetarian family, she would demand to eat non-veg food along with alcohol. Vimal reportedly also came across a picture of her with another man raising further suspicion.

After further investigation, it came to the fore that she had already married to another man after her previous marriage with Anil Chauhan, a serial automobile theif.

Rita was quoted by Dainik Bhaskar as saying, “I married Anil in 2007, and the car theft case was registered in 2015. Since then, I haven’t spoken to Anil who is currently in jail.”

Elsewhere, Guwahati Police said that Rita was accountable in helping her then husband Anil in getting a ticket in 2015 which enabled him to enter the Assam assembly premises to steal a BMW car. She was subsequently arrested in connection with the matter.

Moreover, it has also come to the fore that Rita managed to gain the entry pass with the help of her friend, the then Congress MLA Rumi Nath in Assam. Rita had told Rumi Nath that her husband wanted to see the premises for which she needed the pass. Furthermore, Rumi Nath had also been arrested in 2015 in connection with a pan-India car theft racket after which she had been expelled from the party.

Rita from Assam is a wanted woman in many previous cases
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