Highlights Of PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech

Highlights Of PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech

Today marks the 75th Independence Day of India. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen from the Red Fort Sunday morning.

Here are the highlights in brief from the important moments of Prime Minister's address to the countrymen.

  • Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi paid his gratitude to all the Corona warrior who fought the deadly virus from forefront and ensured the safety of the people of the nation.
  • PM Narendra Modi paid his honour with a big applause to the Tokyo Olympic medallists who brought laurel to the nation.
  • PM said, "The sportsperson are motivating the young generation of India to take up sports."
  • PM Modi paid his tribute to the tortured people who had to lose their lives during the partition of India.
  • PM Modi informed that the world's largest vaccination drive has been carried out in India. 54 Crore people of India have been vaccinated so far.
  • PM declared August 14 to be celebrated as 'Partition Horror Remembrance Day' every year in the nation.
  • PM mentioned about the many beneficial schemes that the poor people have been able to benefit themselves from.
  • PM Modi announced that all the capitals of Northeastern states will be connected by railway services. Northeast India will also be connected to South Asia through NEC. Bangadesh and Myanmar have already been connected.
  • PM mentioned that rapid development have taken place in the rural areas of India. 8 crore people are associated with self help groups in the rural areas of India. Digital platform has been facilitated to the women self help groups.
  • PM Modi said that the small farmers are the honours of India. The demand for black pepper and king chillies has grown in the world.
  • India has also grown in space missions and developing of own powerful combat aircrafts and submarines.
  • PM Modi also said that India have exported a total of 3 million mobile phones this year.
  • PM Modi also expressed how India's target is now the global market.

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