How to Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account
Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account

Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account: The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a favored investment avenue for many in India due to its tax benefits, decent interest rates, and long-term savings potential. However, failing to meet the minimum deposit requirements can lead to account inactivity or closure. Reactivating a lapsed PPF account involves specific steps and penalties. Here’s everything you need to know:

Advantages and Tax Benefits of PPF

  1. Tax Exemption: Investments up to ₹1.5 lakh annually in PPF are exempt from taxation under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

  2. Interest Earnings: PPF offers a fixed interest rate, currently at 7.1%, compounded annually.

  3. Maturity Benefits: Both the annual interest and maturity proceeds are tax-free.

Interest Calculation and Wealth Tax Exemption

  1. Interest Calculation: Interest is computed on the minimum balance between the fifth and last days of each month, paid annually on March 31st.

  2. Tax Exemption: Interest income and the outstanding amount in the PPF account are fully exempt from Income Tax and Wealth Tax.

What is PPF Account Inactivity?

PPF account holders must deposit a minimum of ₹500 annually. Failure to meet this requirement for one or two consecutive years results in account inactivity or discontinuation. Inactive accounts do not earn interest and are ineligible for withdrawals.

Disadvantages of an Inactive PPF Account

  1. Limited Services: Inactive accounts are ineligible for withdrawals or loans, potentially causing inconvenience during emergencies.

  2. Risk of Closure: Continued inactivity may lead to permanent closure, forfeiting interest earnings and tax benefits.

Differentiating Inactive and Discontinued Accounts

It’s essential to distinguish between inactive and discontinued accounts. An inactive account, dormant for one year, can be easily revived. However, a discontinued account, inactive for two consecutive years, requires additional steps for reactivation. Permanently closed accounts cannot be revived.

How do I Reactivate My Lapsed PPF Account?

  1. Assess Account Status: Determine if your account is genuinely inactive or discontinued.

  2. Visit Branch: Go to the bank or post office branch where your PPF account is held.

  3. Submit Written Request: Provide a written request for reactivation, clearly stating your intention.

  4. Deposit Minimum Subscription: Deposit ₹500 for the ongoing financial year.

  5. Pay the penalty: Settle a penalty fee of ₹50 for each year of inactivity.

  6. Await Reactivation: Upon completion of the above steps, your account will be reviewed for reactivation.

Considerations After Reactivation

  1. Limited Services: Reactivated accounts may initially have restrictions on withdrawals and loans.

  2. Resumption of Interest: Interest accrual resumes from the date of reactivation.

  3. Minimum Annual Contribution: Maintain the minimum annual deposit of ₹500 to avoid future discontinuation.


Reactivating a lapsed PPF account is a straightforward process that requires adherence to specific guidelines and payment of penalties. By maintaining the minimum deposit and understanding the tax benefits, PPF remains a reliable long-term investment option for Indian investors.

By following these steps, you can efficiently revive your PPF account and continue enjoying its benefits while securing your financial future.

Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account
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Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account
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Reactivate Your Lapsed PPF Account
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