HYCP: China Planning Trouble In NE Through Insurgent Groups

HYCP: China Planning Trouble In NE Through Insurgent Groups

The Hindu Yuva Chatra Parishad (HYCP) Asom has claimed that China is trying to instigate trouble in the northeast through insurgent groups. They have claimed that China is supporting armed insurgent groups in the region to operate from Bhutan.

Balen Baihya, president of HYCP said that China had succeeded in expanding its influence in neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar due to faulty foreign policies of India. He alleged China was able to create distance between India and Bhutan by influencing the latter.

He said, "Despite taking labours from India to Bhutan for infrastructural works they do not allow other Indian citizens to enter the country in the guise of the Covid-19 pandemic", adding that China was taking advantage of India's stance on Taiwan to destabilize the Northeast through Bhutan.

He further alleged that an all India political party, some leftist leaders and intellectuals and many insurgent groups were part of this conspiracy with China.

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