IAF’s Avani Chaturvedi First Woman Pilot to be Part of Aerial Exercise Abroad

SU-30MKI Squadron Leader Avni Chaturvedi will leave for Japan shortly to participate in the aerial wargames.
Avani Chaturvedi | file image
Avani Chaturvedi | file image

Avani Chaturvedi, the country's first woman fighter pilot, who leads a Sukhoi-30MKI squadron of the Indian Air Force (IAF), would be part of the Indian contingent that will feature in aerial wargames with Japan.

Avani Chaturvedi will leave for Japan shortly to participate in the aerial wargames.

While women fighter pilots has been part of aerial wargames in the country with foreign contingents, including the French air force, this would be the first instance of a woman air warrior leading an Indian fighter sqaudron on foreign soil.

The exercise, titled 'Veer Guardian 2023', will be held from January 16 to January 26 at the Hyakuri Air Base and its surrounding airspace in Omitama, and the Iruma Air Base in Sayama, Japan.

Squadron Leader Bhavna Kanth termed the Su-30MKIs operated by the IAF as one of the best and most lethal platforms armed with indigenous weapon systems.

She said, "The Su-30MKi is a versatile multirole combat aircraft which can carry out both air-to-ground and air-to-air missions simultaneously. It can carry out manoeuvres at both high and low speeds."

Avani Chaturvedi | file image
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Meanwhile, Squadron Leader Mukul Bawa said, "Owing to its size and advanced avionics, any modern weapon can be integrated easily into the SU-30MKI. It helps keep the fighter abreast with modern technology in the Air Force domain."

Group Capt Arpit Kala, along with Squadron leaders Bhavna Kanth and Mukul Bawa on Saturday demonstrated the advanced avionics and combat capabilities of the Su-30MKI in Jodhpur.

Officials said the long-range air-launched BrahMos missiles, which can hit targets much beyond 500 kms, would enable the aircraft to take down air defence systems of enemy forces while remaining out of their reach.

The defence ministry has also cleared the acquisition of the next-generation anti-radiation missiles for the Su-30MKIs, enabling them to strike enemy radars from a range of more than 100 kms.

(with inputs from ANI)

Avani Chaturvedi | file image
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