Indian Railways announces rail ticket bookings via QR code scanning. - Here’s the step-by-step guide!

ndian Railways announces rail ticket bookings via QR code scanning.
ndian Railways announces rail ticket bookings via QR code scanning.rail ticket bookings via QR code scanning.

Indian Railways continues to embrace digital advancements by introducing QR code scanning for rail ticket bookings in Northern Railways, following the success of Southern Railways. In other words, Indian Railways has taken another significant step towards enhancing convenience for passengers by introducing a new feature in the Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) module. The South Western Railways have been at the forefront of implementing this technology, introducing QR code ticketing systems at over 60 stations. Notably, Bengaluru pioneered this facility at 13 stations back in 2018. With these advancements, Indian Railways aims to streamline ticket bookings and payment processes, ensuring a smoother and more accessible travel experience for passengers.

This feature enables bookings of ATVM tickets and recharge of ATVM Smart Cards through popular payment platforms such as Paytm, Freecharge, and UPI QR Codes. Additionally, passengers can now conveniently recharge their ATVM Smart Cards and purchase tickets online through the R-Wallet of UTS on mobile apps. Moreover, the Smart Cards can also be recharged using QR codes generated directly in ATVMs. This new QR code-based payment system has significantly simplified the usage of ATVMs, allowing passengers to purchase tickets even without an ATVM Smart Card by opting for QR-based payment.

How do I scan a QR code to avail myself of unreserved tickets?

  1. Begin by downloading the UTS app onto your mobile device and completing the registration and login procedures.

  2. Once you've successfully created an account, navigate to the Book Ticket Menu within the app, where you'll find the option for QR code booking.

  3. Select your desired destination and proceed to book your ticket through the app's interface.

  4. Upon successful booking, the UTS app will generate a unique QR code representing your ticket, which you can conveniently utilize at the station.

  5. Complete the payment process, and in an instant, your ticket will be generated and ready for use.

ndian Railways announces rail ticket bookings via QR code scanning.
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