Madhya Pradesh: 31 Tigers Killed In Last 8 Months

Madhya Pradesh: 31 Tigers Killed In Last 8 Months
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According to a recent survey the issue of Madhya Pradesh tiger deaths known in the state known as 'Tiger State' has been the first in the country to be discussed. 31 tigers have lost their lives in the state in the last 8 months. Some of these tigers have been killed by poachers and others have died naturally.

The tiger reserve area in the state has reported a maximum of 18 deaths during this period. Recently, 2 tiger carcasses were also found in the Ratpani reserve forest. Meanwhile 170 tigers have died in the state in the last six years.

The manner in which the park is being run in the state has been questioned in the case of tiger deaths. Wildlife lovers have blamed some inexperienced and irresponsible officer recruitments in tiger reserves for tiger deaths.

PCCF wildlife officer Alok Kumar said, "the tiger population has increased rapidly, leading to tiger clashes. The weak tiger gets injured and leave the area and thus loses his life outside. It's normal."

It may be recalled that Panna tiger reserve became tiger less in February 2009. Here, two separate reserves of tigers were shifted to increase the tiger population. Nearly two and a half years later, in April 2012, a tigress gave birth to 4 cubs in the forest. Then, the tiger population continued to grow. At present, there are 31 tigers in Panna.

It may also be recalled that Maharashtra ranks second in terms of tiger deaths. The state has witnessed 21 tiger deaths in the last 8 months. Similarly 13 tigers have died in Karnataka, 5 each in Kerala and Assam.

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